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  1. Hi @Sirius Lee, @Jack817, and @scarryfacethank you for inputs. I had a consultation with a new doctor yesterday and he gave me two options: 1) 2 sessions subcision + 3 sessions Genius RF Microneedling (with PRP) ($6000) OR 2) 1 session subcision + PRP + 1 session Mixto CO2 laser ($2850) His first choice was #1, Genius Microneedling, since he said recovery time would be faster + less chance of hyperpigmentation. However, I'm leaning towards the CO2 laser because of the
  2. Hello, I am 26 years old, Asian, with level 3-4 Fitzpatrick skin (light skin, dark brown hair and eyes). I have 9-year-old deep boxcar and ice-pick acne scars on my cheeks + forehead that I'm trying to improve. I've had multiple dermatologists confirm that the scars are not tethered. I've had 6 Fraxel re:store sessions over the last few years but there has been absolutely no difference in my scars. When I started these sessions, the dermatologist assured me that I would see a notable