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  1. HOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Just got my EM samples in the mail and i LOVE THEM!!!!! Like many others I've paid hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for high-end foundations/powders and NOTHING has complemented my skin like EM does! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited!! I rushed in to show my parter once I'd applied it and he even said he could see a positive difference, he never takes any notice of what makeup I wear so when we're at home I barely wear any at all LOL but he said it looked super natural and ha
  2. Hehe I'd just enjoy looking young babe. I'm 22 and would ****ing KILL to have those kind of genes Your mum's right, you'll be super happy about it when ur 30
  3. Wow, thanks so much for that KarreyBerry!!! Very very informative! And I'm SO glad that the inositol has helped you get back on track with your life Hopefully your story will help some people on here too. Oh and Chimene, good on you!!! I know what you mean about finals too, I'm in the middle of my university exams and its driving me insaaaane.
  4. Thanks! Today was Day 1. It was miserable, but I made it. I'm not allowing myself to "inspect" my skin because it always leads to trouble.
  5. I'm pretty much 1month pick-free now and I've noticed a HUGE difference! I now naturally just let my pimples be when they come up and only when there's a great big massive whitehead thats completely ready to explode do I pick, although its more like get a hot washcloth and gently pop it, bathe it, medicate it and leave it alone!! The thing thats annoying though is my no-picking extends to blackheads and it was only when i went into a very brightly-lit bathroom the other day did i realise how
  6. whoohoo over a week pick free and am seeing a huge difference!! all the scabs i had before have dried up and flaked off hooray, maaan its so so lovely to be able to now give my face a really thorough cleanse and scrub without feeling i have to dodge all the sore bits! i have to admit i did give ONE really massive ripe juicy whitehead (ewwwwwww ) on my jawline a squeeze but i did it with a tissue and it was SO ready to pop; just got the junk out, bathed the pore, medicated it and left it the h
  7. I went on the Revive website and they are pricey but when it comes to my skin, cost is no object. What did you use for scaring? I found this -> http://www.reviveskincare.com/detail.aspx?...&Category=3 which looks great. Also did you use their cleansers & such with the product you used for scaring?
  8. Dont be discouraged!!! If its bringing impurities to the surface then it means its working, hooray!!! :clap: I know its hard but stick with it for at LEAST a month (2 if u can stand it) before u think about switching and slowly but surely you should (fingers crossed!!) see some improvement... just make sure u dont pick!!! :dance:
  9. Yeah the Clinique 3-step program in both the regular (type 1/2/3) and anti-blemish formulas played absolute havoc with my skin when i tried them, however i do like the blemish gel, like gracieb said it doesnt prevent blemishes at all but it certainly seems to help speed up the healing process. i always dab some on if i've got a big ouchie one or one thats just popped, to help reduce the likelihood of infection. I personally swear by Revive especially for scarring, bit pricey but super effectiv