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    Footy and women, what else do you need.
  1. So after years of being relatively free from acne as a 35 year old i have now developed roscea over the last few months. It started as redness on cheeks and is now small pimples on head and cheeks and getting steadily worse. I used Regimen for years so my questions really is will this work for Roscea as I don't want to do anything to make it worse. Thanks
  2. Hey mate, Stick with it, I used to be really depressed due to my skin, a big part of this was my own hang ups as on reflection it was only moderate. The regimen totally cleared my skin and I now after about 5 years only use it once or twice a week. peace
  3. Skin is completely clear, took about 8 months for that. Acne perscription book is shit Good luck
  4. Oh and by the way dump the acne perscription (periccone p) in the bin... fucking useless! Loads you up with like 50 vitamin pills and shit food and drum roll.... you still suffer.
  5. Hi Mate, Sounds just right to me, been on the reg nearly 4 years now and to be honest now I just use it maybe three applications per week, no moisturiser either. You kind of get lazy after a long while but believe me if you stick to it it really works like nothing else... good luck
  6. Been on the regimen over 2 years now and been completely acne free from like the fourth month on. It really works if you use it exactly as Dan suggests. Good luck
  7. you're forgiven 5K4F4C3 we have all been young and single once. Oh and enjoy science, school can be lots of fun can't it!
  8. Clearasil makes baby jesus burn with cold hatered
  9. It's a fuckin ball ache to have to put up with stuff like that but she was probably trying to help in whatever misguided way.
  10. Been on a year and a half and totally clear, only use it once a day most days now as well. used to have moderate acne
  11. always made my eyes water and feel puffy when i wake up, but then wtf i have clear skin
  12. been on the reg like a year and a half now and i use very little moisturiser if any at all most days.
  13. Sweet, this place changed the face of..... well my face forever. V grateful dan
  14. Hey, running the risk of sounding like a 14 year old lad whose parents have just bought him a lock for his door and a computer for his room - but you do indeed look hot, don't think for a second acne will impact your relationships. peace, k