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  1. Update: Okay, just went for my second session. Kinda forgot to take pictures right before so I'll have to go by personal estimates. I think I did see some improvements at the 2 month mark after my first treatment session. Most of the improvements seem to be for the broader shallower scars on the left side though, if I had to give an estimate I would maybe say 20%? Under overhead lighting I feel they are definitely less noticeable. Oddly enough, I feel that they were at their shal
  2. Quick update: went for my first treatment over a day ago, so far still healing and face is quite puffy, swollen, and red. Can't see most of my scars now but I guess that is because of the swelling, a few of the deeper scars are still slightly noticeable though. On a side note I seem to have several pin sized dark red dots splattered around my face, I'm not sure whether they are just dried blood or scabbing or wounds and if I should be concerned. Also the subcision entry points are still visible
  3. Hey @Sirius Lee Sorry for taking so long to reply :p Maybe something like this? Left: I guess there's a group of them concentrated around next to the mouth area and another group below the cheekbones? Right: Here's one under more normal lighting: I believe the red area highlighted should be the deepest single scar I have. From the pictures do they look deep enough to be subcisable or require filler? Or more texturable an
  4. Hi everyone, I've recently begun the process of treating my acne scarring seriously, and would really be grateful if anyone on this forum with experience going through acne scar treatments could help provide some advice and reccomendations for things I should do. I believe my scarring is on the shallower side(objectively speaking) so no significant fat loss or large atrophy, and I'm wondering which treatments would likely give the best results. I have a lot of smaller scars on my right side