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  1. Well I only had the neosporin ointment, so I put it on my 3 annoying spots. Everyone says to use the cream though...well if I wake up with my face horribly dysfigured, I'll know to never use it again Any other suggestions? I'd rather try something that's more intended for acne, or at least something that doesn't have a warning that says 'do not use for more than a week' XD Thanks!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good on the spot treatment, thats really good for just drying out those really stubborn ones that just don't want to go away? I'm on oral and topical antibiotics now, and they've been helping, but right now I'm having a breakout with tons of those ones that stay for like 2 weeks and don't die. So anything thats just at just drying them out and killing them? Thanks guys! I hope you have a happy and clear day!
  3. it takes me anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on how much acne I have and how much I have to cover. I only wear concealer on my spots and eyeliner. Rather low maintenance. If not for acne, I'd be even moreso =D
  4. I didn't like it. It was highly itchy, I couldnt get my face wet any time soon after putting it on or the itching would get intense, and the results were minimal. But I believe there were slight results. It's hard to say.
  5. IT's weird for me. Sometimes going to the mirror makes it worse, but sometimes it makes it better. Sometimes what I imagine my face looking like based on the bumps I can feel is 10 times worse than what it actually looks like in the mirror. so sometimes it doesnt hurt to check...though sometimes it does. hard to tell!
  6. I suppose that is different for every person, but I certainly don't think it is to acquire and achieve everything we want...because we never will. Unless you are extremely spiritually endowed or something and have been able to just forget the endless cycles of 'I want...'
  7. Adultacne, you're seriously not telling women how much labor hurts just cause your mom said it didnt, are you? XD I've never given birth yet (hopefully never WOW!!), but I've never heard a single woman who said she had an easy pregnancy + birth. Every single one has either complained about terrible sickness while prego, or terrible pains during labor. So I tend to agree that your mom must be one of a very small minority of women who didn't find it excruciating XD
  8. I know I've tried that philosophy a million times ' there are people worse off than me' . Of course there are. But I think as humans we're always wanting more. Perhaps desire really is the cause of human suffering? I know I can't be 100% happy until my face looks normal again, but when that happens....I'll probably want more, won't I?
  9. Oh I'd definitely say stick with it unless it gets unbearably bad. THe only reason I quit it was cause my spots were about 10 times worse than anything I'd ever had before, and I wasn't about to 'give it time' because I didn't want to screw up my face further. But I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets really bad, in which case I'd get off it.
  10. Anyone who says they're not a feminist is by definition a sexist. Look up the meanings in a dictionary. You sexist pigs.
  11. Taking BCP made me break out big time around my jawline and chin, where I had previously been 95% clear. I still get more pimples than usual around there too. >=( But I suppose if you already break out there it is worht a shot.
  12. My guess is he took it from a rap song. BLAME RAP MUSIC!!!!
  13. Yessssss it always itches in the spot where its going to form...and it always itches while its forming, while its dying, and pretty much until it's dead. My acne is severely itchy... =(
  14. I miss way too many classes, but I don't think I've ever missed 'cause of acne. WHenever I'm really broken out, I still go to class and trudge through the day, and usually feel a lot better IN class, than at home staring at the mirror sobbing. Besides, at least in my classes, at least a few other people have pretty bad acne too so it's not like I'm some sore thumb. I doubt many people would pay that much attention to my face, or yours, anyway.... The only time acne REALLY affects me around o