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  1. I was on accutane for about 3 months. I quit taking it about a month ago for a few different reasons. Mainly I haven't had time to go to the doctor and do all the stuff necessary to keep taking it. Additionally, I feel better NOT taking it. My skin is clear now. It was getting to the point while I was taking it that my skin was great. Not too dry, and not oily at all. Now that i've quit taking it, I notice my skin is a little oilier but not too bad. Anyway, my question is: should I go back a
  2. Its my understanding that the derm has to go through iPledge everytime. I'm on my 3rd month, and each time they enter info, then I have to go online and answer some questions before I can pick up my RX.
  3. Normally I would say just do what your derm said, but that seems really odd. Yes, accutane is supposed to "get all the oil" off your face, however, it dries you out severely.....so, I guess I would say just watch how your skin reacts. If it seems dry, the put some lotion on. If you dont think you need it, then dont.
  4. I've got a weird rash type thing on my stomach. Probably 12-15 bumps I've got one spot on my arm, and a few spots on my breast. Its VERY itchy. Is this an accutane side effect? Because its making me crazy
  5. I used it when my skin was oily - it works well. You dont need to use very much - a little bit goes a long way
  6. Yes, I still have that happen...normally right after I take a pill. It goes away, but it is really annoying
  7. I've been on accutane for 3 months. The last 4-5 days my lips have been drier than they have been before. They've even begun to crack and be really painful. Additionally I have this rash-type thing around my whole mouth area. Its like small zits but not quite that big. I've been using Aquafor and Lip Medix blistex. I tried using neosporin for lips, but that made it WORSE. I've also tried carmex and the blistex in the white tube....I can't find anything that helps. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  8. I got my first accutane induced nose bleed last night. It was a doozy, but did stop quickly. Any tips for preventing these in the future? Thanks!!
  9. I've been on 120 mg of accutane for about a week and a half now. The last probably 4 or 5 days I've felt really crappy. I'm not at all hungry, but eat so that I can take the accutane. Then I feel like im going to throw up. Im REALLY hot for about an hour after I take it. Im not saying that the side effects are enough to make me stop taking it, because when im feeling ok, my skin looks great. Just wanted to vent a little. I hope everyone is doing well!!
  10. This seems to be a popular subject today, but here goes.... There are times when I just don't feel like eating a meal, but know I need to have some sort of fat in order for the accutane to absorb. I can't handle whole or even 1 or 2 percent milk (makes my tummy hurt). Any ideas on what I should have with my accutane?? Thanks!!
  11. they are actually still empty, and look pretty good. I was afraid i'd have a breakout on my nose, but nothing came up over night - yipee!!! thanks for asking
  12. I like the Zia brand of moisturizer. I found it at Whole Foods. Expensive, but it works well. Also, someone on another board told me this trick: Put a good moisturizer on. Then slather your face with aquafore or Vaseline (At night, obviously). And then sleep that way. When I get up in the morning I take a shower, and leave it on thru most of the shower, then wash gently with Purpose cleanser. I just put it on my face and wash it right off, I dont rub it in or anything. As soon as I get out o
  13. I've been on accutane a month. and my nose has been full of blackheads. I've left them alone, and tried gently exfoliating there, i've tried just using regular face wash there, i've tried not putting lotion there...nothing has worked..... so today I did that horrible thing you aren't supposed to do....I squeezed them all out. You should have seen ALL THE GUNK that came out. I mean it was A TON!!!! A few of them looked like it was a core that came out. I can't even put into words how much s
  14. Body Wash - Dial Soap (probably not good for my skin, but I havent had any body acne accept under my breasts - there I use Proactiv) Face Wash - Purpose Cleanser and sometimes Aloe exfoliator from the body shop Sunscreen - I havent had the need for sunscreen yet Chapstick/Lip Balm - Blistex Lip Medex and Aquaphor. I've tried to use other stuff but i've found this to be the best Moisturizer - Zia skin care everyday moisturizer - everyday; Oil of Olay & Neutrogena moisturizers every othe