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  1. I'm starting today and I feel you. How funny because I've been calling it the crazy drug! good luck
  2. Just wanted to stop by and say good luck with everrything! Your posts kept me entertained.
  3. haha, i saw your post about having a baby and all that. I was like, she looks young tohave a baby. and when i went to go see your profile, i'm older than you by 1 day lol.

    I hope clear up. I kinda cleared up, just dealing with minor scarring. :(

  4. I did it two years ago. Just so you know you do have to let the hair grow out for a bit. It was recommended that I let the hair grow for a few weeks. It was quite painful, but as weird as it sounds the lady was talking to me alot and it did somewhat get my mind off of the pain. I've never tried waxing myself, but I would recommend getting it done by a professional. It was a bit pricey, but the results did last a good amount of time & my skin was silky smooth. I've never done it again, but th
  5. here is info on the MAC powder: http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/prod...UCT_ID=PROD1379 here is info on the Neutrogena foundation: http://neutrogena.com/CosmeticsDetails_1.a...CFR4ViQod1APEtg here is info on the MAC blush: http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/prod...UCT_ID=PROD1460 For me personally, I think that blush helped cover my acne marks better. I think it depends on the severity and color of you scarring. I agree with piniu. This is only a suggestion based on what works for me
  6. I know this doesn't help or answer anything, but I was watching a commercial for this the other day and couldn't help but think since this matches you skin tone does that mean it turns pink/red like my acne? lol stupid, but that's what i was thinking.
  7. I will post some older pictures so you can see the "kinda" before and progress pics throughout my treatment. Started Accutane on 4/18/2008.
  8. hey there! thanks for the comment!

  9. I have struggled with how to cover up red marks. Now keep in mind this has worked for me, but I don't really recommend doing it all the time. If I was going somewhere and wanted to look picture perfect (hiding red marks on both cheeks) I would start out w/ Neutrogena Skinclearing foundation, MAC compact powder, and MAC blush in either Plum Foolery or Margin. I've heard of how MAC is supposed to be awful for your skin, but like I said I did this for special occasions when I wanted to conceal ever
  10. Im Jaffa man,enjoy you stay at acne org,lots of understanding people..plus jaffa thought you would like your first comment :)