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  1. i just turned 20. my skin has been improving consistently since its low at about 17, and some days my skin is quite good. however, i've noticed that whenever i take ambien (on a plane, when i can't sleep, or even recreationally), the next morning my skin always suffers. is this specific to ambien, or is it a prescription drug thing in general (i don't really take other prescriptions pills). just wondering if anyone has shared similar experiences?
  2. i'm a second year college student in the northeast. i've had acne in some form or another since i was about fifteen. it has gotten considerably better since highschool, and i rarely if ever get a formed pimple these days, yet my skin is still marred by blotchiness, combination oil and dryness, and pore sized red spots. the thing is, my skin tends to improve a lot when i go home on the weekends, only to flare up no longer than a day after returning to school (i live in a dorm). now, i've alwa
  3. i've been using retin-a micro for about 2 years, since my sophomore year in highschool. at that point i would say i had moderate acne. some people told me it wasn't very bad at all, but at times it would flare up and i would look "dirty." its strange. i've never had large cysts, or multiple whiteheads at one time, however, my olive skin is pretty sensetive i take it, and often times i would have multiple dark spots on my face - a range of colors, from light pink to purple, even brown. basic
  4. dxm is a dissociative which means you lose brain connection between parts of your body and your brain, which may be why she couldnt feel the water going down her throat. its the same category of drug as ketamine, except ketamine is a slick designer drug and dxm is a disgusting cheap high that almost always ends up getting you sick, or having a bad trip.
  5. i used to smoke a lot of weed, but found that it made me really paranoid about my acne, so i stopped almost completely, and whenever i do it now, which is extremely rarely, i always get a really bad experience even though i have experimented with much harder drugs and been fine. i drink on the weekends, but i dont usually get drunk, and it isnt to drown away problems. i smoke a cigarette or two a day, its just nice during a free period at school or sitting outside on a cold night, or when i go o
  6. i just started .1 from being on .04 for 10 months. had a small 3 day reddening, drying, one or two new spots, and then it just went back to normal except getting better
  7. i began retin a micro .04% last december, i had mild to moderate acne, more towards moderate just because i had a lot of dark purple and red spots on my cheeks which made me look very dirty. it took until the summer to go down to mild acne. then, in the last month of summer it got really good until i got maybe a whitehead a week and no more big ones. i still looked dirty to myself when i wore contacts or in flourescent lighting. anyway i went to teh derm and she said "over all it looks pretty
  8. i visit doctor Day, on 71st between Park and Madison. cleared my skin up nicely, but is one of those fancy doctors cost my dad and mom a penny or two. heheheheheheh.
  9. post it right here please. right now. otherwise you are a herb. and i dont care if my post gets deleted, for you to make a statement like that and then give b.s. and drag it out, you reall deserve a severe beating from 50 cent.
  10. you're just another slave to the man. stop believing in god and your acne will go away i promise.
  11. i see lots of adults with acne nowadays. actually its kind of wierd it seems a lot less noticeable in adults. i see 50 year old men who have terrible skin if you really look up close, but all the red and brown and spots tend to blend in with the wrinkles, and it really doesnt look noticeable or bad at all. looks very rugged and manly.
  12. nobody else cares to point out how wrong pimpleman's theory is? that is so... OMG. overload. peace out.
  13. was the girl you are referring to by any chance of asian descent? indian, philipino, japenese, chinese???