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  1. my doctor has recently put me on attralin, she said she knows little about it because its new to the market (shes also a little retarded, i just use her for the prescriptions) anyway, im not sure if i see a difference and i also dont know what its supposed to be doing which is irking me!
  2. it does waste a lot of product to do that..i have a 2 oz. spray bottle full of witch hazel, it so inexpensive that it doesnt really bother me but thats personal choice.. as far as spreading bacteria..i could see where your getting that from but just try not to press the cotton too hard on your face, i know i really scrub the toner in sometimes and you really dont have to
  3. I like paul mitchell Awaphu shampoo, not too expensive 15$ for the big bottle 10$ for the smaller gives awesome body to the hair that you cant find with a lot of 'volumizing' shampoos but a lot of the time with fine hair, the oil is the problem weighing it down try a balancing shampoo for oily scalp, scenscience or joico make good ones also try a dry shampoo! spray it in at the root and brush it in, it absorbs the oil at the root so you can skip a day or two of actual washing
  4. the vein thing is tricky, even to me and im a makeup artist..you cant really go by that my teacher in makeup school went around the room and held up a silver piece of cloth and a gold piece of cloth near each individuals face and deciphered whether we were cool or warm, i was the only neutral person in the room and i have olive skin so go figure easy way to tell....if you look good in silver jewlery, your cool...if you look better in gold, your warm also experiment...wear a baby blue shadow a
  5. our boyfriends love us for us ) and see past all that shit thank god but initially it is impossible to open up, to first start going on dates and them becoming intimate..how am i gonna stay over in his dorm? im gonna have to shower and do the whole routine in the morning and in the night, and for the half an hour/hour that my makeup isnt on hes going to see my real skin!!! its mortifying and makes you want to crawl and hide i feel like im jipping my boyfriend out of so much because i cant jus
  6. im so used to having it at this point, but it has done it damage on my self confidence at this point im a makeup artist and am in the retail end of it so i dont have a choice but to act like im little miss confidence and look the part..but being intimate is definately where im hindered, i feel like im cheating my boyfriend out of so much
  7. absolutely!! mud masks are a gift from the gods! its a mud/clay from the earth and you just let it dry, rinse with warm water...it pulls all the oil and impurities out of the pores and sucks it up...your skin looks great afterward! i use one by ahava for oily skin and its amazing but im sure you can find one in a drugstore
  8. my dermatologist just put me on 'nicomide'...a zinc/vitamin used for the treatment of acne and rosacea. within two weeks it has DEFINATELY helped take down the inflammation incredibly...my acne isnt as "angry" ive been really happy with it