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  1. I started with very mild acne (at most 3 zits at once) to moderate acne! Since I started with very mild acne, I do believe that I should have cleared faster than 5 months. Also, I did not use to scar.. I do now that I have been using the BP. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Hey all, I started the regimen EARLY in my adult acne stages. As I've been continuing the use, my acne has gotten WORSE. yes.. WORSE. Initially of course it did improve but I've been on the DKR for about 3 months and my acne has gotten at least 4 times worse! I am at a loss of ideas. I'm starting to think that all this effort is useless. I am not seeing an improvement! I was optimistic at first but the results are making me feel like I need to be trying something else. I don't know if I wan
  3. I feel for you, brother. But you need to type properly for me to understand you.
  4. Please don't use any visine products!! They constrict your blood vessels to give the appearance of whiter/healthier eyes. Only use visine when going on an interview or something like that. It won't help with your dry eyes. Plus I don't even think it's FDA approved for contact lenses. There are a lot of rewetting drops for contact lenses. Try "blink" by Amo. It's thicker than your solution and it'll last longer. Thera-tears are for non-contact lens wearers.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I've been advised against mineral products by almost everyone that I know, so I will be staying clear away from it. My friend used to love the product (cleared her skin up nicely) but it ended up breaking her out later on down the road. I know everyone's skin is diff, but I don't want to risk that!
  6. You get enough sunlight (or vit D) from your everyday activities. Hopefully you aren't indoors all day long. There's no need for "extra sunlight" to be getting this Vit D! I believe that people tan to fade the appearance of having acne scars. This doesn't help with acne but rather disguises it's aftermath. Nothing really to it. Sunlight (UV rays) can cause skin cancer. I don't think that you want to purposefully give yourself skin cancer while trying to rid of mere pimples. Just go about
  7. I don't know much about the HBP meds, but the theory behind getting on BCP is for regulation of your hormones. Big ups and downs in your hormones is what theoretically causes acne (PMS, too!) When I was on BCP, I had NO issues with acne whatsoever. Getting off of it is what I think made it worse (some of my peers will agree). Your PMS symptoms will subside and your period will be shorter and lighter. These are the pluses! The negatives.. just don't forget about the side effects. I always
  8. Here is the dealio: I have used foundation for almost 8 years now in my make up routine. Now that I've started the DKR I've had flakiness. Flakiness can be concealed with moisturizer but once I put on foundation it's OVER! Flakes reappear.. but in color! I feel so ugly and fake. It feels like I've got make up caked onto my face.. when it's the exact same foundation that felt light before I was flaky! Am I the only one? I've just cut it out of my routine, but I miss my even skin tone =(
  9. I feel the same way.. except I'm on week 3. I am SO impatient. I still get the break outs... as if nothing was keeping it back. It's frustrating I use the purpose wash, dan's bp, and olay moisturizer. I'm beginning to think that this isn't the regimen for me. BUT I will keep going until I finish the treatment! (maybe) Start researching some other regimens. Give yourself a goal time. "If I'm not clear by July, I will change my regimen" Just a way to deal with the impatience.
  10. Giving up caffeine is non-existent to me. I am addicted! Maybe that's why I have acne?
  11. jc812


    Just some pics with and without make up!
  12. Have fun dressin' up for the weddings! ;)