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  1. My nose is full of highly visible blackheads, and I want to change that. I have no regimen at the moment, since I did the water-only thing to get rid of my inflamed acne. Now all I do is wash my face with water and apply some jojoba oil for moisture after showering. Since my inflamed acne is virtually gone, I just want a "nose only" regimen so to speak I was looking into the Paulas Choice line, but I'm unsure of how many products I'll need. Can I just buy an exfoliator and maybe a specific mo
  2. I take zinc, fish oil, and an ordinary multivitamin at present. No idea if it does anything to be honest, but it should help to improve your overall health, and possibly acne as well. Most users on this board seem to supplement quite heavily, and the consensus appears to be, that they may help to prevent break outs or at least lessen the effects.
  3. The past three days have seen the return of my long lost friends of old; severely inflamed zits, that swell, hurt and come to a big greasy head. Haven't been like this for about eight months, because I took oral antibiotics for a while, and they killed off everything it seemed. Went off them some three months ago, and now it's, yeah, back to square one it seems. Right now I have about six or so on my face, and I see more of them forming in other places. Granted, the pain goes away when they sur
  4. They got you too? Oh how I loathe Dermalogica. "Our products are all natural, they don't contain any minerals...that...that...clogg up your pores, and make your skin unhappy, they're so bad for your skin oh my god!" I love how their cleanser directions tell you to wash once for normal results, and then REPEAT FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS! Right, I guess you'd like me to use as much as possible, so I have to buy your trash again? Bleh, messed up my skin worse than anything I have ever tried before
  5. Information overload? "Very yes". Oil cleansing method, water only, every brand known to man suggested in terms of cleansers and moisturizers, some work, some break you out, some make you run naked through the streets. Curse the individuality of acne and its cures.
  6. Hmm, okay, selenium sulfides. Wish I lived in the US, most of the brands mentioned on these boards aren't sold anywhere I know of. I'm getting a new shampoo regardless though, so I'll keep it in mind while checking the local brands. Oh yeah, jojoba oil. Thought about trying that for a long time, even if some people seem to break out from using it. My other moisturizer contains some amount of it, and it never had a negative impact on my skin, so perhaps that's what I should be using. It's funny
  7. Hmm, moisturizing does alleviate it somewhat. I haven't moisturized a whole lot the last couple of days, since my skin gets really oily and I don't want to exacerbate the problem. Also, I have a hard time finding a good moisturizer, they're all creams and no lotions for some reason. I try to drink a lot of water/tea as well, not sure if it's doing anything though, aside from increasing the frequency of my bathroom visits
  8. Folliculitis...Don't like the sound of that. Never even considered that as a potential reason for my skin issues. Looked at a few websites, pictures, symptoms and what not, and it doesn't really ring true. It would fit with the antibiotics treatment though I suppose. About allergies, I do have allergies, though they never manifested themselves in anything but a snotty nose and itchy eyes. God I hate this skin crap, it's a jungle of possible causes.
  9. Hi. I'm a 23 year old male, former antibiotic addict (6 months). The drugs cleared me up, but now that I'm off it's starting to surface again. I can sort of control it with topical Isotretinoin, but I still get small spots and minor postules. They aren't as massive as they used to be, but still pretty annoying. My acne has always been itchy, and this is driving me nuts. My scalp is itchy as hell right now as well, not sure if I have infections there too, but it wouldn't surprise me. Lots of pe
  10. Hello After approximately six months on antibiotics (tetracycline) and a topical retionoid called Isotrex (0,05 % isotretinoin), I am basically clear of acne. Having read a reasonable amount of the topics/product reviews/tips ect. on this site and others, I doubt the effects will last now that my dermatologist wants my body to fend off the acne without the aid of tetracycline, and considering that my routine is close to void of a cleansing regimen, I was hoping for some guidance. It should be n