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  1. hi I'm from the lower mainland and wanna find a derm that can help with ice-pick scars...i have a couple on my nose I really want to get rid of and vinegar is not working. so I guess that means punch excision/grafting? heard about subcision too and artecoll but not sure which is best for ice-pick scars...
  2. des

    Des - My log

    hey all... well I'll be coming here much less now because all my acne is GONE and my red marks are not even visible anymore...plus my face is very smooth now probably cuz I care for it much more than I ever used to it only took me about a month to get those red marks and acne from gross to nothing by looking at the suggestions on this board... i will continue to use these products as they truly helped me out... Botchla's Regime, C&C SA in day, C&C SA + C&C BP (5% - from canada) A
  3. On the contrary, I find that I played more sports, workout when I got acne...Why? Because when i play a sport, my mind is on the game, or trying to score a goal. So it clears my mind up from thinking of all these other things in life...Being focused on exercise is good as u focus on the sport whereas other things in life, well unfortunately changes a little...ex: Internet - acne.org, date with girls - damn is she noticing that mark on my face, job interview - i'm sure they'll hire someone with
  4. there's a lake near my place i go to once awhile...clear water and very beautiful...it doesn't flare up any acne or anything like that, just feels refreshing. Way better than swimming in the ocean water where you are sharing the water with those big ships and exposed to all that ship pollution
  5. I haven't personally tried it but my friend told me she goes swimming at least 4 times a week and she says trust me, go to the steam room and it will rid your face of all the toxins...it works for her as she says everytime the steam room clears up her face...i will give it a try sometime although i prefer just swimming at the lake...
  6. des

    Des - My log

    Let's see...what's new since my last post? Well, my red marks have faded away a lot now, it's still visible but looks like it's almost gone. I believe 3 products truly helped this because it's only after I used these 3 that I really saw any results... 1) PH Normalizer to normalize the skin, clear the dirt 2) Aloe Vera With Emu Oil Extracts 3) Glycolic Acid Things that I believe didn't work for me and now I've stopped using: 1) Vinegar (didn't work like i read it would) 2) Squeezing lemon in
  7. haha funny... 2. Chances are you'll be less inclined to go out as often, therefore saving money. Too bad not so true...the money I could be spending out having fun is instead spent on all these things for my face which are expensive and take forever to work, if even
  8. yeah i know...when i take it's okay becuz i can retouch...but my friend happened to bring a camera and he's the one that posted it haha...sux for me. my skin is so blotchy it just stands out so much
  9. I just thought to myself, next time my friends wanna take a pic i shouldn't be in it cuz my acne will ruin the otherwise picture perfect picture...arghhh...
  10. today I was at the beach and me and my friends took some close up pics...I am soooo frustrated, when the pictures were posted, I have all these damn red marks and some acne on my face I look terrible. And I look at my friends and they all have clear faces...WHY GOD? When can I be like them? With perfect faces? I am just frustrated frustrated frustrated...Will I ever be clear?
  11. i apply ultimate aloe gel with allantoin and emu oil (it comes in one bottle) and it works well for me for my red marks...I'm also drinking aloe vera juice bought at the supermarket (bout 2 bucks a 2L bottle). not sure if it's helping but at least it tastes great and supposed to be good for health and has 0% sugar...
  12. Can I buy this in a shop in BC? Like shoppers? If not any canadian website so I don't have to pay those expensive shipping fees?
  13. des


    what is the test-kit? is that a free sample?
  14. hey...I was at shoppers drug mart and the cosmetician recommended me the neostrata 4% glycolic acid smoothing cream...she said use that one before moving to higher percentage...after 3 days, my red marks have faded quite abit... Whatever works...