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  1. Actually certain types of lesions respond really well and actually heal faster by giving them a good swift pop. There's some smart advice above under Acne Info on Popping a Pimple. A lot of it is just being smart about it and basically just "knowing your zits." But if you're like some who once you pop you can't stop, breaking the addictive habit can be tough. And touching your face. It's so easy to do and not really realize you're doing it if you're doing something else, like working or studyi
  2. Acne. org doesn't recommend mixing the BP regimen with prescription meds without a doctor's ok. So I would run your plan by your doctor or derm first (maybe you could email them??), make sure it's safe.
  3. I have the same problem. Try using a little Neutrogena on the Spot on your forehead and nose. If you also use Dan's BP, you could even try mixing the 2 before applying to give it the same consistency and absorbency. I've tried this and it works pretty well. NOTS contains oil absorbers, making it an ideal product for people with oily skin. I use NOTS on work days, and find it keeps my skin pretty comfortable most of the day. Not oil-free but at least manageable. BTW, oily skin is not necessarily
  4. Hi there. That's great that you're already seeing results. It's not uncommon to not see improvement until the 2nd or even 3rd month so you're doing really well. Just keeping doing the regimen religiously and as recommended, and you should continue to see more improvement. Just when exactly you'll clear up completely varies widely among users, but I would say give it 3 months, give or take. And don't get discouraged by new breakouts. These are perfectly normal, and in some ways can be thought of
  5. Hi there. Since you are a regular BP user, you'll still need to use plenty of sun block on your face, and reapply as directed when you swim, even if you skip the a.m. regimen. I'd also recommend wearing a sport cap with a visor in the water if possible, to help shade your face. The effects of sun sensitivity do not reverse themselves in a day, so skipping BP once is not going to offer enough protection to be able to go without sunblock, or significantly lower your risk for a sun burn. In terms
  6. I would try a little jojoba oil for the flakes. Just mix a few drops in the palm of your hand with your moisturizer. This should help clear up the flakes, as well as add some extra moisturizing power to what you're using.
  7. Thankfully you guys weren't teens during the 80's, but I'll bet Dan and Brandy remember this one: "...The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the North Star (zits on kid's face light up to form the appropriate constellation or celestial body as it is announced, the North Star being you guessed it that big ol' classic nose zit right smack in the middle!)." Commercial for Clearasil! I can still hear the kids chanting 20 years later, and could've killed Clearasil for running that ad at a time when natur
  8. Hey guys, it's that time of year again--SUMMER!! Time for fun in the sun, picnics with family and friends, backyard BBQ's, cooling off at the beach or the water park, or for heading to tropical destinations. I think most of us use BP twice daily. I know I do. But even if you only use BP at night, even if you only use a few times a week as needed, it's very important now that summer is here to PROTECT YOUR SKIN! I'm sure most of you do already. But if you don't or aren't using sun protection as
  9. Hi there. Moisturizer sunscreens may not offer you enough protection against the hot sun in Morrocco. They're typically SPF 15. I would recommend something with at least SPF 30. Copper-Tone Oil-Free and Banana Boat Sunblock are good choices, and I believe both are SPF 30. Both are also noncomedogenic, and you'd wear over the top of Dan's moisturizer. Not sure if either of these will go on completely clear, though, so you may want to try them out before your trip and see if they'll work for you.
  10. Hey no prob, you brought up a great point and I ended up learning something new, too.
  11. Not wrong, HB, BP does cause changes to the dermal layer, which can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage as long as you are on the regimen, so you do make an excellent point. But if you take breaks from the regimen periodically, your skin will eventually return to its pre-BP state, so no, the effects are not permanent. Of course, acnewise that can mean disaster! In short, whether or not you apply BP that day, as long as you do the regimen regularly, sunscreen is a must. HB, hope t
  12. Hi there. I think most of us use Dan's 2.5% BP, available at his on-line store on this website. If you have oily skin, then you may want to also keep Neutrogena on the Spot on hand. It's also 2.5% BP, but it's great for oil control. You can find NOTS at most drugstores, but it's usually about 6-7 dollars for a 2-3 oz tube, so Dan's BP is a more economical choice. Unfortunately, Dan's product is only available on-line, not in stores. But it's cheaper this way in that Dan is able to sell it at the
  13. Hi there. That's a good question. As I understand it, BP increases your sensitivity to the sun and risk of burn due to the dryness and peeling that ensues. I would still use a moisturizer sunscreen, even if you don't apply BP in the morning. It's always a good idea. Hope this was helpful.
  14. Hi there. Moisturizer is supposed to help hydrate your skin. Is it making your skin shiny? Redness and burning after the moisturizer step is a common complaint. It's actually the BP that's irritating your skin. Any discomfort you experience is only temporary. I hope this answers your questions and concerns about moisturizing. Your post was a little confusing.
  15. Have you tried Neutrogena on the Spot? I use this for my forehead and nose, where I get the oiliest. It contains oil absorbers, and does a pretty fair job at oil control and usually keeps me comfortable most of the day.