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  1. Is is okay to be on the regimen while having Subcision done? Or do i have to stop the regimen completely?
  2. It doest seem like my facial hair is turning any color because of the BP. I have dark dark dark blackish brown hair.
  3. would it be a good idea to open my pores with steam before washing my face and before putting BP on? This way the cleanser can clean deep, and the BP can penetrate deeper?
  4. i agree, i think Dans BP is way more effective and easier to apply then anything I've tried.
  5. Make sure you are using just a small amount of bp your first few weeks. I made the mistake of putting too much neutrogena bp and the next day i looked like i was sunburnt like no other.
  6. maybe you need to exfoliate. My face was tanner then my neck a few days ago untill i started exfoliating. One way of doing this is using the baby brush method. I would put the link to the thread, but im typing this on my ipod.
  7. well i didnt go to school today because i was extremely stressed out last night and had lots of stuff on my mind and couldnt sleep. but i just took a shower without exfoliating with the baby brush and it seems like my face isnt as oily as it was yesturday. I also didnt add moisturizer last night which i think helped as well.
  8. What i have experienced with a spf lotion is that most of them clump when using bp. Just look for a good spf lotion that works with the bp.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe it is the baby brush method because i do it every time i wash my face. Ill try and do it every other day instead. Ill also try and increase to 1 1/2 pumps. But maybe its something else? I just hate walking around with an oily shiney face at school. You know what i mean?
  10. ok im not sure why, but a week ago my face was really dry and was flaky as hell, but now im producing so much oil i can fry eggs on my forehead! It looks really oily when i apply DK moisturizer. Do i need to increase the dosage of the BP? because im still using about 1 1/4 pump. Even with only BP on my face it seems like i dont need moisturizer. I also read that irritation can cause the skin to react and cause more oil production, and i think i kinda irritate my skin when i use the baby brush m
  11. i see, thanks for clearing that up. Why did you guys change the design? I think the blue bottles look more professional and more retail like.
  12. I just received my first order of Dans products, and it seems the moisturizer is in a new bottle. The label is printed right onto the bottle, and the label is different. Oh yeah it doesn't smell like cinnamon like most people said in the reviews.
  13. wow your progress photos are amazing! Even before the regimine you looked beautiful. Good job on your skin, i hope mine turns out like that!

  14. well first kiss was playing spin the bottle at a party back in the 7th grade i think. But i never really had the true first kiss. Im just 16.