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  1. cont...

    so has the fullness to my lips which I liked.

    I think I went too deep afterall. I hope to improve with more practice.

    Please get in touch if you'd still like to share. Sally

  2. Hi again,Just to update you: I did some injections into my lips.

    Despite doing lots of injecting during my nursing career, it was much trickier than I expected! The main problems I found were injecting to the correct depth & injecting even amounts so the results were symmetrical... really hard to see the measurements on the syringe! 2 days post injecting the swelling has gone but

  3. cont....

    my email address under the msn "contact info" in my profile.

    Really hope you get in touch!

    Best Wishes,


  4. Hello-

    I've just found your entry re sharing injection experiences & all the research you did prior to it.

    I am particularly interested in anti-aging/facial rejuvenation too - I'm 44 but my skin looks like it's 84!

    I plan to start self injecting soon (restylane in the post) but would love to know which books /anatomy vids you used for your research. I've left