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  1. Chloe646

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    Updated pics-flaws in higher def :p
  2. Hi all, Update on my first fraxel treatment which I got two and half days ago. i got it with dr. cameron rokhsar (who's one of the most experienced with fraxel, published articles on it, and conducted a study on fraxel and acne scars). -48 hrs later most of the swelling has gone down and the redness has decreased A LOT..I went from "omigod" red to looks like I got irritated by some sun and walking in the cold blustery wind pink- on my camera phone,the pinkness barely registers although in real
  3. Hi guys, I just got my first fraxel treatment today by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar (sp?) in NYC......I am really hoping i have good results from this and that I don't stay red for too long! But the before and after pics are so impressive with this treatment...Anyway here's how my skin reacted to the treatment: -It definitely made me noticeably red like a bad sunburn and some swelling, but NOT beet red or blood red. Basically if you were on the beach at the moment after you got fraxel people would j
  4. I agree with the fasting as a good way to get the body healthy and back on track. My brother is a molecular biologist from a top med school and he advocates fasting. the first two days are pretty hard but then day 3-4 you start to feel better. It's a good way to reboot your system so to speak, like when our comp has probs sometimes the only way to rid of them is to hit restart.
  5. Overwashing will get ya every time. I once didn't wash my face for a whole day and when I did it was softer, smoother and far less oily and irritated. Skin is supposed to produce oil to keep it soft but when you overwash i think the top layer gets very dried out and traps the oil actually leading to more clogged pores and acne than if you just left the oil there. Also DO NOT USE SODIUM LAURETH/LAUREL SULFATE based cleanserst to wash with. That's listed as a comedogenic ingredient and it's overl
  6. Cover Girl TruBlend=looks natural even in daylight-doesn't cover indents too well but is excellent for evening out skin tone-My boyfriend tells me, you never wear make up do you, when I've got this stuff on- The colors are the best I've tried too and I've tried lots of foundations-from Armani, to prescriptives, to clinique. And Cover Girl TRuBlend wins hands down-FYI no breakouts or irritation from this either. CG TruBlend powder is nice too... And for sunblock/makeup buy Clinique citiblock
  7. Mirrors/lighting this ALWAYS messes with me. What the hell does my skin "REALLY" look like? When I was younger and had wonderfully perfect skin I still thought my skin looked bad in those bathroom mirros/harsh lighting so what the HEY... driving down the highway I looked in the rearview and I still saw my marks, scars, but my skin glowed.....looked at my face with light from overhead could see the nasty scars, well the redin them which makes 'em look indented.....looked the next day, when my sk
  8. I have used 12.5%, But I don't push it in the scar using a toothpick..somehow I worry taht's ging to make a pit, but since it's alow concentration, I put it on a small area over the scar. In tw-three days a leyr of skin peels off and d then a lighter layer peels off. It would be pretty obvious if you did your whole face with it but small sections and it just looks like a dry/peely area like you'd get from a sunburn.
  9. A few weeks back i started eating dairy and cereal and grains and my skin was soooooo oily, like viscous grease that I could wipe off with my hand disgusting....it's like it had come from nowhere because I was used to mildly oily skin. Well I cut that shit out and my skin has done a 180 in terms of oil. I only wash with water otherwise it gets too dry now! The thing with grains and milk is that they're so addictive, like once you start you keep eatiing more and more of it and it's hard to wean
  10. You are very RIGHT! I had gone on accutane, but a certain food made my hormones go crazy (f*cking media lying that it's good for you it ruined my skin!) ANYWAY, neither of my parents have acne scars on their face and yes, like you described my jaw and neck area is perfectly clear and always has been (knock on wood) and only sections of my face even after eating the bad food ever broke out. if i had never gone on all those horrible meds, creams, face washes when my acne was milder I'm sure it
  11. That skincare line actually sounds REALLY good. I mean the ingredients are great and the cleanser doesn't use sodium laureth sulfate which is irritating AND comedogenic. I used to wash with cleansers with SLS and they made my pores more clogged and left my face irritated. And it's in most acne cleansers Argh. Anyway I ordered the moisturizer and toner to try. I wish they had a complete ingredient list tho
  12. It's not just about calcium when it comes to strong/healthy bones. isn't phosphorus important too? There are other minerals that play a role in bone/tooth strengh. simply taking in a lot of calium isn't neccessarily enough. It's also as much about what you don't consume as how much calcium you do. if you're guzzling a lot of soda that leeches out calcium. Leafy greens seem to be the best way to go from what I've read. and probably reducing grains. For every extra grain serving you consume try
  13. I agree , if all of these docs are telling you the same thing and you think otherwise you may have a moderate form of BDD. Docs see people under bad lighting all the time and have become accustomed to judge skin according to that. You may be getting your skin images from airbrushed magazine photos and stars photographed under forgiving lighting. NO ONE has poreless skin, doesn't exist in nature look at the back of your hand it's clear and "perfect" right, well look closely and you see tons of
  14. Obssessed with skin, have you seen aderm. red marks thta last that long could be broken capillaries which won't fade they need to be zapped with a laser or light. Seeing a good derm will help transfer some of taht obsession. you may want to go on some meds to control your obssessive tendencies I'm serious. Also if the redness comes and goes you could have allergies or food sensitivities. For example highly acidic foods can cause eczema in susceptible people
  15. Are you sure it's leaving scars/ Even when I was bit reckless on accutane I didn't really get scars from that. But just leave it alone, better a temporary unibrow than scars