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  1. Just want to note to anyone thinking of taking Silicea/Silica, start on a low dose. I was doing great on 2 x 6X (Hylands) tablets a day and my homeopath tried to up me to 1 x 12C droplet a day. Broke out after a day or so (took it for 3 days then back to 6X) for about a week. Prior to that, I tried taking 4/5 x 6X a day and that was breaking me out too.
  2. Vitamin d3 was giving me cystic acne, took me months maybe years to realise as I always read it helped acne. Was taking 1000 UI daily. Positive effect as soon as I stopped. Had to stop eating my 4 daily eggs though to get completely clear, perhaps overload. Now can eat pretty much as normal although I eat very healthy. So my two cents is that it could be worth stopping vit d supplementation if you’re experiencing cystic acne, see if it helps. We’re all different though right?
  3. Been using silicea 6x. It has massively helped me along with water only face washing. Face was dry doing the washing and silicea made it perfect. Also got rid of eczema and painfully dry hand within days. Homeopathy is well worth looking into. My cystic acne was due to vitamin d overload from supplements, so stopping that and lowering vitamin d foods cleared me up. Now able to eat anything as normal.
  4. I’ve noticed this myself. Similar experience, used accutane a few times but acne returned (never again!) then had acne under control with water only washing. Then started vitamin d supplements and only realised after months that the supps were breaking me out with cysts. Stopped the supps and skin immediately got better. Was smashing 4 eggs a day though and had to stop that to get clear (perhaps had vit d overload). Not averse to an egg or two now. Note: silicea 6x (2 tabs a day) has been a