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  1. Hola. Aún no encuentro ningún dermatólogo que me dé confianza. Acá lo único que ofrecen es láser co2 pero para cicatrices rolling la mejoría es nefasta 10-20%> por el precio no creo que sea conveniente. Estoy pensando seriamente en viajar a Argentina. Por Youtube conocí al doctor Zerpa de chenia estética tiene varios vídeos. Lo malo es la cuarentena piden muchos requisitos para viajar. Favor agradezco cuálquier experiencia. L
  2. Hello guys. I see many posts about treatment but few reports about improvement. Will you have any real experience in improving a scar located on the temple? I would appreciate honest answers
  3. Falta mucha información en Chile. No sé si habrá algún especialista dedicado a las secuelas de Acné
  4. Hello guys. I've had an acne scar since I was 18 (now I'm 28). they are located mainly in the temple. first time I will do a procedure. My dermatologist gave me a CO2 fractional laser. attached photos. do you think there will be improvement? or should you consider another treatment. Cheers
  5. Hello guys. Today I discovered this forum. I am from the far country of Chile. Reviewing your experience I can see that our knowledge in scar management is minimal. The CO2 laser treatment is just in vogue. Do you know of any expert cosmetic dermatologist in this country? (CHILE, SOUTH OF AMERICA) Cheers