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  1. Hi, I am looking for a natural non-comedogenic or non acnegenic cleanser. Also, I currently use Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup but was wondering what others' favorite non-comedogenic foundation is. Thanks! Amanda
  2. This will obviously be something I talk to both my OB/GYN and dermatologist about, but my fiance and are beginning to talk about planning a family once we are married. I currently use Retin-A and Finacea. My dermatologist has told me that I should stop both medications if there is any chance I will become pregnant. However, I am a cautious person and am thinking I should stop all medication at least several months before there is even a possibility of becoming pregnant, in order to make sure it
  3. Hello, I will be going camping with no running water. I do not want to go without washing my face and applying my acne meds. My acne is under control, but a weekend without washing would cause all the acne to return. Last year, I took bottled water and soap and facial cleanser, and this worked well. However, I'm afraid I was the laughingstock of the campsite, and this method took a long time (and couldn't be done without me getting soaked). I have heard that Cetaphil works OK without water, b
  4. Hello, I use Finacea, and would like to use a makeup that contains .2 percent salicylic acid. Would the salicylic acid interfere with the Finacea? Thank you!
  5. aggie_girl: Yes, it has a pretty strong alcohol smell to it. And yes, it absorbs VERY quickly. I am so happy with the gel...I only really have one trouble area on my face now since I started using Retin-A 0.01. It has really cleared up red marks, too, much quicker than the Micro. I'm not a fan of the Micro at all anymore. I wouldn't go back. In fact, the Micro alone pretty much ruined my skin, and it's taken a year to get it back to normal (thanks to Finacea and now the Retin-A regular gel). My
  6. My doctor switched me from the Micro to the 0.01 percent gel. I have been on the gel now three months. She said that it is stronger than the Retin-A Micro due to its base, even though the percentage makes it seem like it would be less strong. I have been really happy with the regular gel. I actually have gotten used to the consistency-- it's a lot easier to put less on, because it spreads much easier (and I have less irritation, I think because I really do only use a pea-size amount now). The ge
  7. You are such a beautiful girl! I know how you feel...I have acne that is mostly on my cheeks as well and it can be very frustrating. I started Retin-A Micro last January and used it alone. After 8 weeks my acne became really bad, and I made an appointment ASAP with a dermatologist (I had got the retin-A from my GP). The new dermatologist put me on Finacea along with the Retin-A, which has worked wonders. The Retin-A really does take AT LEAST three months to work. And I think the Finacea helps co
  8. Yeah, that's what I initially thought, too, but she told me that it's something about the way it distributes on your skin. The base apparently weakens the Retin-A Micro and it doesn't get absorbed all at once or something. Because of that, the regular Retin-A is stronger. It does have fewer ingredients in it than the Retin-A Micro as well. So far my skin is drier on the regular Retin-A, and it's a lot harder to apply. I'm hoping it works out in the end- she seemed to think it would be better in
  9. Hi everyone, I was using Retin-A Micro 0.1 percent and had success with it. (I started on the 0.04 percent, and moved up). I also use Finacea to control inflammation. My doctor has now switched me to Retin-A 0.01 percent, which she says is actually stronger due to the base. It took me a LONG time to get used to the Micro and I'm not liking the way the new retin-a feels on my skin (it seems a lot greasier than the Micro). Has anyone else switched? I didn't experience an initial breakout when I w
  10. eurovision50, I hope that your regimen works! I think you'll really like the azelaic acid. It was really hard for me to get off BP. My derm said not to use it at all, though I at first did put a little on existing pimples. Now I haven't used any in about 4 weeks. Maybe she just meant it was too drying for my skin. (??) Anyway, good luck with the azlelaic acid! It takes some time to really kick in but it helps so much with redness and inflamation, and eventually with the formation of pimples!
  11. yineli, I started using Retin-A about 4 months ago. I used it for 8 weeks, and in those weeks my skin went from bad to worse (sounds a lot like what you're experiencing). I went to a new dermatologist, who said my skin can't handle Retin-A alone. She had me stop the Retin-A for 6 weeks and use Finacea twice daily. Then, after 6 weeks (which started just 2 weeks ago), I was supposed to add Retin-A. Here is what I do now: I put Finacea on in the morning, and at night I wash my face, put on Finace
  12. Hi everyone, I am currently using Finacea (have been for 5 weeks now), and will be adding Retin-A in one week. My dermatologist asked me to come back at the end of June, at which time we'll decide whether or not to go on a topical antibiotic. The Finacea is really helping so far, but I have a few stubborn areas on my cheeks that just won't clear up. My problem is that most oral antibiotics cause me to become very ill with something known as Clostridium Difficile. Basically, I was given too ma
  13. I'm glad you haven't had an initial breakout phase-- neither have I. I was on Retin-A for about 8 weeks before this (got it from my regular doctor, not a dermatologist, which was a mistake). The Retin-A really irritated me, too. The derm I went to see said to use Finacea for 6 weeks, then add the Retin-A along with the Finacea for another 6 weeks. She said I was too inflamed for Retin-A alone. We're going to see if it helps; if not, I'll try a topical antibiotic. I'm limited in my options as I c
  14. I started using Azelaic Acid a little less than two weeks ago, and my skin still feels smooth when I put it on. What did your dermatologist say about azelaic acid? I'm using Finacea, not Azelex, by the way. I'm interested to hear more about your experience with it so far if you have a chance.
  15. Molly, I e-mailed Prescriptives a couple days ago for the list of ingredients in their foundation-- is that what you were looking for? I have the list for the Virtual Matte foundation only. Let me know if you want it (if that's what you were using).