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  1. Hi catharsis2018, I don't see the TCA line scar anymore in your new pictures. Is it still there?
  2. Your face is honestly beautiful. Even with the scars. I know its hard to believe but it is youthful and bright and if I saw you on the street, your scars would be too insignificant for me to notice. I only notice it now because its a) a scar forum and b) the lighting is harsh.
  3. Hi spicy stumbling, the new pit kind of looks the same. I'm trying to stop thinking about it till my doctor's appointment next week. I'm trying to keep my head up but honestly, its hard.
  4. I would really appreciate any input on this. Thank you!
  5. I spoke to the doctor and while they assured me it was just a TCA scar and not a new boxcar, I can see a new deep pit in its place now. I don't know what to do. Ive been applying silicone gel, hydroquinone and hydrocortisone upon the doctor's recommendation, but it does not seem to be healing. Do you think this scar will ever resurface?
  6. Do you think my scar has widen though or is it just hyper pigmentation?
  7. I got a TCA CROSS done by a professional on Oct 7th. My hyper pigmentation is still healing but one scar is not healing much at all. It was a linear scar but it looks like a big circle now. Initially I thought it was hyper pigmentation surrounding the linear scar. But now Im not so sure. Did the nurse spill some and create a new boxcar scar? What do I do? Im panicking really bad. I called the practice and they said its just hyper pigmentation but I can't stop panicking. I cannot tol
  8. I'm from Toronto. Which doctors have you been to, till date?
  9. In my opinion, Shei514 has has great improvement over the past few years. Looking at the pictures she posted just before the phenol peel, I would not even noticed any issues with her cheeks if I had seen her in real life. Congratulations on how far you've come Shei514. I'm still only 6 months into my acne scar journey and every time I lose hope (which is quite often tbh), I log on to this thread and re-read from the start. Again, this message is directed at you Shei514, in my personal o
  10. Hi everyone, I have updates. Since the last subcision, I have had two dermapen treatments (not useful) and 3 at-home TCA CROSS treatments. I am still recovering from the third TCA CROSS so I cannot tell you how much improvement I have seen overall (0-1%, max). I have finally found a doctor near where I live that offers a combination package including 2 TCA CROSSes, 2 subcisions, 2 fillers and 4 laser sessions (erbium/CO2/fractora). For me, because of my skin tone, her decided to go with fra
  11. I 100% do not think you need scar treatments. Most of the treatments we do here are pretty harsh and can worsen good skin like yours. I would just do a mild chemical peel for the surface level textural irregularities you have. I know it is hard to believe me because your scars are all you think about right now. But....believe me, you'll be grateful you did not damage your skin unnecessarily later.
  12. Hey everyone! I have been incorporating everyone's feedback (from my previous posts) to develop a scar treatment plan. My past treatments have been: 2.5 mm micro needling with an aesthetician (Sept 2020), cannular subcision with a plastic surgeon and suction cupping at home for a week (Dec 2020), followed by one at-home micro needling session (2.5 mm; March 2021) and two TCA CROSS' (60 and 100%) after that. Overall, I have seen no improvement (yes, 0%) and I am in the process of saving for
  13. "I just feel terribly alone and sad and at this stage need someone to talk to that understands, that relates. " - me too.
  14. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have had the three worst days of my life (I know, I am weak.) trying to deal with and accept my face. I have never felt more worse in my life and I am always glad for the logical comments and kind encouragement I get on this forum.
  15. Thank you! I only used 60% and my 100% TCA shipment is currently still on the way. This is a very mentally defeating process, honestly. It scabbed for a good 9 days and the last of them just fell an hour before clicking the 'after' picture.
  16. 1 month before TCA CROSS (Right) 10 days after TCA CROSS (Left)