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  1. Hey, did you end up finding someone? I'm in the same boat and I'm looking for a dermatologist in Toronto.
  2. Thanks for the reply. That looks like a long road for recovery. Can the injections be done in parallel along with the other scar treatments? Or is it done one after the other. For those interested, I contacted Dr. Asif Pirani here in the GTA area. I looked around at laser skin clinics and somehow none of them were confidence inspiring. I thought Dr. Pirani had good reviews as a surgeon and I wanted to go in for a consultation about the subcision. Unfortunately, it looks like he onl
  3. Hello all, I just discovered this forum a couple of day ago and I'm still digging through the posts. I wanted to share my current photos and ask for feedback on the best treatment. I'm also curious about the timeline for the treatments in general. Is it usually a multi year treatment plan or can something be done sooner? I did get a consultation with a doctor in Virginia a year back and the doctor suggested Subcision as a starting point for the treatment. I was a bit nervous b