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  1. i have done quite a bit of research on acne scarring and improvements and a lot of you are mentioning subcisions and lasers etc but nothing about fillers. after doing my research and looking at a lot of before and afters id say fillers or fat transfers are what are going to have u seeing the most long lasting results. it acts like a buffer to stop retethering with the scar and will build collagen. ive heard dr davin lim is like the best of the best but hes in australia so idk how long it would t
  2. ive heard of him before and search him up on real self but its pretty much all word of mouth. i havent seen too many real reviews from him or before an afters for someone who's so recommended. if that makes sense.
  3. i live in seattle i dont mind travelling i would like to see the best of the best as to not see a dr who doesn't have much experience because they're close and they end up making my scars look worse.
  4. I suffer from pretty severe acne scars rolling scars mostly. Ive had fractional laser done 3 times in the past and really noticed no improvements. I'm desperate for some change so im asking if you guys who are knowledgeable to please recommend the best doctors for subcision and share your experiences if you have them please.