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  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing his work does seem really good but he also seems pretty expensive lol. I wouldn’t care to pay the money if I knew for a fact my scars would improve tremendously but knowing that it’s hard to tell I’m not sure if I’d want to drop 5k and not get results
  2. I’m not really sure if I had improvement. If I did it was minimal maybe like 10% but it was my first and only treatment I have had done so maybe more might get better results? The bumps were small filler bumps wasn’t they dissolved over time as it was a HA filler. Rullan seems to do subcision and filler often so if you go to him the procedure should be smooth he’s experienced and has put many hours in. After the subcision I was extremely swollen for about 3 days.
  3. I had filler and subcision done with rullan. I was left with a few bumps but it wasn’t crazy noticeable. Only one was rather noticeable but it wasn’t a permanent filler so it dissolved on its own. The only thing I found weird is that he injected the filler before the subcision.
  4. Anyone recommend doctors to treat acne scars in California? I have pretty bad fat atrophy and rolling scars.
  5. After many months of research and lurking on the forums I decided to go for it and have subcision and filler done. I had the procedure today and I am still very swollen at the moment, but it is cool to see my face without and indentations from my rolling acne scars even though I know it’s temporary due to the swelling. Anyway, I think my face has had the scars for a while now but I recently went through a bad breakout that made me over Analyze everything on my face. I got the acne pretty Under c
  6. So this year I broke out pretty bad on my cheeks. I blame that to wearing a full face mask and sweating while at work. It’s sucks because my face had finally looked decent after battling acne for some time. But this breakout left me with some pitted scars and I hate looking in the mirror now. I saw a derm which kind of helped clear the acne. It’s about 80% better. But I really really want to do something about these scars. They bother so much especially when I look At pictures from May June of t