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  1. Aquafina lip balm.....its hard to find but works better than carmex, aveeno, anything I've tried.
  2. I have tried Cetaphil in the past, it did not work out well for me after using it for a very long period of time, so my dermatologist told me to switch to CeraVe. Also, I have a soap allergy and need to be careful of what I use, CeraVe is the most gentle product I have come across yet.
  3. How long is the initial breakout period supposed to last? I have been on accutane for 3 months now, the first month was good but every since month 2 my face has just gotten progressively worse, I don't think it has looked this bad in at least a year, and I'm really starting to get discouraged. If anyone could offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. Try CeraVe cleanser & moisturizer, you can find them at most major pharmacies. Its gentle and will keep you from drying out.
  5. I got the same exact thing at about the same time in my cycle. Originally I thought it was an allergy to latex gloves which I had just started using in one of my healthcare classes, but after going to the dermatologist he told me that my hands were dry and using antibacterial soap led to developing dermatitis. He gave me a topical steroid cream to put on the back of my hands twice a day. I have used it for about 2 weeks, and he told me that using antibacterial hand washes irritates it worse.
  6. I was using cetaphil for the longest time, but its so thick and greasy. I switched to CeraVe after my derm suggested it about 3 wks ago, it moisturizes just as good maybe even better, and its much smoother and goes well under makeup too.