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  1. I like Tarte.. they recently did a 30% off friends and family! Missed it :'(
  2. I stand behing Clinique foundations. They have great formulas (with great skin care ingredients!) and for the quality you don't really pay a lot. The avg. price is about $25. Just go to your local Clinique counter and test out the textures and formulas!
  3. Try blotting your face.. lightly! To get rid of the shine, then powder.
  4. Hi! I highly suggest MAC's Face and Body Foundation. It is water based, water-resistant. Coverage is very sheer and the finish is dewy. It looks very good, it just covers up any redness on your face. I like this because you just need a little bit of concealer to cover up the blemishes and your set. You save your face from using a thick layer of foundation.
  5. Shallow scars are going to be a little harded to cover up since they are shallow. The only thing you could do is use a bit of foundation or concealer (Depending on the area, if its smaller- concealer, bigger- foundation). A good concealer is MAC's Studio Sculpt or Studio Finish (Sculpt is a lot creamier). And you can't go wrong with a foundation, I suggest a drugstore one maybe from Neutrogena. Just make sure there is no SPF in your foundation because if there is, it might look noticable in pic
  6. Just a quick recommendation, I used the Proactive toner and I think you might like it. It's alcohol-free. I didn't like it because it was too gentle, it almost felt like water. I like my toners to be potent haha
  7. In my opinion, it replaces using a scrub every day. I use toner to exfoliate and honestly it really helps to clean and clear my skin (Lol, clean and clear). Some toners can be harsh, since they contain alcohol or other drying ingredient. I think you should get a gentle toner that does not dry you skin out. BTW, I use Origin's Zero Oil toner, it has mint so it leaves your skin super fresh. But it has alcohol .
  8. My aunt suffered a miscarriage... i think her cleanser caused it lol jk
  9. The "original" has a dewy, frosty finish (no shimmer or anything) just a nice sheen. The "matte" formula is completely matte. Honestly, get the Matte one and if you want to add dewiness or shine to your skin buy a highlighter or whatever
  10. I just gave away all my liquid foundations away because they break me up, they're cakey and they make me look like a geisha on pictures. So, I've been only doing concealer and powder which seems 'ok'. I've never used a tinted moisturizer, any recommendations? And also a good powder, because I'm using flour right now as a finishing powder! (I'm broke!)
  11. I use my Cetaphil cleanser lol and a little bit of vodka and baking soda.. and also some cranberry juicy, but that's optional ...
  12. Hello, I used the Bare Minerals Prime Time and it's very nice! I believe it's either 19 or 21 dollars, it's honestly a "dupe" for the MUFE & Smashbox Primer..
  13. Maybe you should apply less product and blend more (with a sponge or flat top kabuki brush). Those steps will reduce the cakeyness a little. If it persists, maybe it is the foundation
  14. Hi, I'm a guy and I use MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, it's quite nice! Very high coverage and you don't really need a brush (just use your fingers). I recommend that you go get color matched at a MAC counter. By the way, the products that you mentioned sound good. If a makeup product is oil-free that's great, but make sure you look at the coverage (if its sheer or if it has more coverage). I recommend that for a guy (Like myself) you use a lighter coverage foundation + concealer. Foundations are
  15. Hi, I just got this like to days ago and I actually thought it was my beauty mark but I realized that my beauty mark is actually on my other eyebrown. Is there such thing as a BLACK pimple? It look awful.. should I worry? Here's the link: http://img7.imageshack.us/i/photoon20110207at1937.jpg/
  16. i try to use makeup .. discretely .. and i use so little but on some pictures oh lord i just go to the bathroom to wash my face... titanium dioxide thanks i'll check out the products i'm using..
  17. I've heard that wearing non-spf products/makeup will make your face not appear white like a ghost in pictures. But all the things I use don't have spf. What might be causing this problem? Help! So I can prevent this embarrassing thing to happen again!
  18. Cool thanks!! I tried their powder type foundation a few years ago but the lady at the store never matched my skin tone correctly and it looked odd on me. I dont know why I didnt return it. I gotta check out this acne solutions liquid makeup. Does it last all day? YES!! I thought it would be like a tinted moisturizer but its very concentrated.. I didn't even use concealer or anything just foundation ! oh and if u do get it.. use a little bit !
  19. MY HG blush! You can get it with 500 sephora beauty insider points
  20. I got the Benefit Coralista and it gives you a very nice glow if you apply a light ammount.. if you apply it more heavily it looks like a blush
  21. I am using Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup.. it's very nice! light, fresh and it actually has helped with my breakouts.
  22. Hi, If you have oily skin I would recommend that you use a powder foundation or an oil-free light liquid foundation. A great powder foundation is the bareminerals foundation and a good liquid foundation for people with oily skin is the Lancome Teint Idole (A cheaper dupe is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin makeup, which is great because it has salicylic acid). You should also always put all your skincare products before makeup. If you start seeing dry/flaky skin, then use less makeup. Hope this hel
  23. I've been looking at videos (youtube) and i've learned how to apply bronzer but .. i honestly don't see a diference unless i apply it guido-style! oh well! i'm gonna use it until i run out... or sell it on ebay lol