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  1. Dude its not as bad as you think it is. Honestly, you are far from being a monster. I can tell you are using harsh lighting but you can make anyone's skin look uneven with it. I swear bro you need to grab your balls n give them a shake. Im not saying stop caring about your skin but DONT LET IT TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE. Its not bad enough for that.
  2. Dude..... pull yourself together. Your not a monster. I have seen your skin. ITS NOT THAT BAD. If it was that bad I wouldn't say anything. I promise bro your seeing things that are worse than you think.
  3. Yea, its very difficult to just forget but worrying and having it effect your entire life is not healthy. Not for you mentally or your skin so you end up in a vicious cycle. At the end of the day your skin doesn't define who you are, it doesn't make you ugly or less attractive as people who look at you most likely wont even notice. I can remember when this all started I though my cousin had great skin then when I started looking, cause I was paranoid, I noticed that he 2 has small op
  4. Hi Boafriend, I spoke a few months back. I have the same issue and have put it down to gut issues. Leaky gut or the use of accutane that's destroyed my gut (in ur case possibly your food poisoning). I have been trying to eat healthy and take my prebiotics but it seems to be a very slow recovery process. I'm not sure my scarring has stop as I try not to worry and look to much but I do think I see some improvement of the depth of scars on my face. They are still there but require a more
  5. It's weird because I truly beleive it's to do with accutane even although it was years ago I took it. I only get the occasional spot now like most ppl. The one thing that has baffled me is my left side seemed way worse a year or so ago but its seems to have gotten better (which gives me hope) but my right side now has 2 scars in it. I have a beard and I used to only trim it with an electric razor as I beleive my skin was too sensitive for a normal shave but I have started to shave with a n
  6. I get it man. Have you been taking the supplements for your gut health and still having scars appear? Did you ever take accutane? Mines seems to be after accutane where my cheeks began looking scarred for no reason. That was about 5 years ago. Im going to start avoiding all dairy, gluten and sugar. I know they make me feel worse in my stomach when I east lots if them. Do you go to the gym? Might be a good escape to work on yourself and have something to build towards? Again, I
  7. Hi Boafriend. I too am suffering from this. Probably just half the length of time you have been. Firstly, let me try and give you some advice. F**K your skin and how you think you look. Honestly, everyone sees themselves looking terrible. It's in our instinc to try and make ourselves flawless even when most of the flaws we see in the mirror aren't noticable to anyone else. Please try and forget about your skin and live your live. Its just not worth investing 100% of your life on. Ho