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  1. Need to know about this too.. I really want to go a second course. I was clear for a good 3-4 months before I broke out again.. not as bad but still noticeable.. Strangely I don't get any big bumps or anything like that but lot of red inflamed flat acne.
  2. @Gutterflower.. Thanks for the response! .. Hmm I was thinking a long the lines of Salicylic Acid 1% of course to start of deliciate like you stated.
  3. Is it good to exfoliate after your done tane? I've been off it for 3-4 months now and My course was about 3 months.. So is it okay to exfoliate? since I have ton's of red marks.
  4. Hey, am on the same boat here.. am starting to develop small pimples here and there which am getting concerned by knowing I might break out after Accutane . So I've been off tane for 3 months now and am wondering if it's the right time to start a regimen? Consisting of Cleansers, Toners, And BHA, consisting of Salicylic acid for my red marks as my person regimen to get clear. Edit: Oh and I've been on Accutane for 3-4 month's on 20-30mg
  5. Really? No one know's when it's the right time to start a regimen? -__________-'
  6. This is such a basic question yet really complicating.. I was thinking the same acnesux77..maybe because their is no blood flow and no movement at all for hours. Nonetheless would love to know specific answer's regarding this matter.
  7. Accutane cream?!?!? Keep us posted on that one lol
  8. Yep been off since 2 months now from tane and I've been sweating like MAD!!! .. well it's getting better since the weather and all but my eyebrows seem to sweat a lot since I've been off Accutane, never had that problem before. Forehead wise I sweat regardless.
  9. Hey guy's I finished my Accutane treatment on July 12th 2011. It was a 3 month course with a low dosage of 20-30 mg. Now I was wondering when is it a good idea to start a regimen? Is it safe to do so now or should I wait a little longer. Thanks! Edit: Accutane worked great when I was on it but when I was off it for the past 2 month's I started to notice little small pimples coming and going and it's annoying as hell. Mainly around the nose area and the t-zone area, also they turn into little
  10. I for one.. didn't have any problem with my lenses while on Accutane, It shouldn't be a problem but I was using soft contact lenses which I think may would help with the dryness, if it occurs. But never hurts to ask you're derm. You should be fine (: good luck on you're tane journey, keep us posted.
  11. Am on the same boat.. been off tane for about 3 weeks.. and my acne is coming and going as well.. Luckily for now am not getting any cysts or medium sized pimples that would leave a mark.. but I just probably jinxed my self lol. 2nd course of action is probably needed.
  12. Okay so am done my Accutane course consisting of 3 months. On 20-30mg pills. Now I want to know is that to maintain my skin I want to go on a regimen, not just a mild cleanser/moisturizer type, but with Salicylic Acid ect in my regimen for treating my red marks/scars that I have tons of. When is the right time to start a regimen right after accutane? Is 2-3 months being off Accutane good enough? thinking of Paula's Choice http://www.paulaschoice.com/category/norma...-prone-to-acne/ or http://ca.