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  1. Of my friends who have been on accutane, the two that were trying to get pregnant were able to. I don't think it affects you're fertility, but there is no question that it causes birth defects if you get pregnant while on it.
  2. Greg, I am so sorry for what you are going through! But please do not hurt yourself!! Please, talk to your friends and family and let them know how you are feeling. I know you may feel hopeless now, but things can turn around! Please, try and keep hope!!
  3. I am at almost 15 weeks, so 5 more weeks to go. My breakouts have pretty much stopped. I still get a spot every now and again, mostly from old clogged pores that finally come to the surface but that's it. Now I am starting to feel like the tone of my skin is improving. I am pretty happy with my results and can't wait to see how my skin looks in another 5 weeks!!
  4. I experienced major drying when I went from 40 mg. to 80 mg. and the best thing I found for my skin was CeraVe lotion. It feels so light that at first I thought there was no way it would actually hydrate my skin but it is GREAT. Like so many others on there, Aquaphor saved my lips.
  5. Since I started this thread, I figured I might as well follow up with my outcome. I was so worried about an IB, but I never really got one. I was at 40 mg my first month and then 80 mg from the second month on. It's been almost 14 weeks for me. My skin looks great, and my only side effects are dryness. In the beginning, I still had my normal breakouts but nothing worse than I would have had without Accutane. Just wanted to put in my two cents for anyone searching the forum for info on this. I k
  6. This was a big concern of mine as well as my husband and I are planning on trying for a baby in late 2009/early2010. Both my derm and GYN assured me that 6 months after I take my last pill it will be perfectly safe to have a baby. And my GYN said if I have any doubts or worries, she'll give me a blood test before we try to conceive to make sure all hints of isotretinonin are out of my system.
  7. I am on 40 mg. a day and I stated getting dry around the beginning of week 3.
  8. Mine was really oily a couple of days into Accutane. But it only lasted a few days. Now it's been a little over two weeks and my oil production has dropped immensely.
  9. We started on the same day and so far, I've noticed my lips being drier, but my skin is still just as oily as ever (maybe even more than normal).
  10. Glad to hear things are going well for you. I just took my very first pill yesterday, so obviously I haven't noticed any side effects yet. I hope that I don't get anything too terrible! It sounds like you're responding well to it, and that the side effects have been manageable. Thanks for sharing your log!
  11. You could get the Depo Provera shot or try an IUD. I can't use BC pills because of a family history of clots, and I didn't want the shot, so I get an IUD. I don't even notice it. As far as your question on abstinence, no they will not let you do that if you are married. And I honestly think you should need to be on BC. I know you said your husband is sterile, but that's what some friends of mine thought and (surprise surprise) after three years they ended up pregnant (the big joke is that he us
  12. My derm had me get Dr. Dan's CortiBalm. She said it's the best, so I have it and Aquaphor stashed away for when I start Accutane. Maybe give it a try? I ordered it online from Amazon.
  13. I had the same question. I am also 24 and my husband and I have been married for 2 years. We want kids, so I asked my derm when we could safely start trying for a baby after Accutane. Her answer to me was that the Accutane literature says to wait at least one full month after your last does of Accutane to start trying to conceive, but she suggests her patients wait until 6 months after the last does of Accutane to be certain that all of the drug is out of your system before getting pregnant. If
  14. Check with his doctor of course, but it sounds like he might need a 2nd course of Accutane to get completely clear. One course just isn't enough for everyone.
  15. I asked my doctor about this as well. My husband and I have been married for two years, and want to start a family someday. Her advice to me was to wait 6 months after my last dose of Accutane before trying to get pregnant. I think the Accutane literature says to wait at least one month after your last dose, but my derm said she likes to see her patients wait 6 months as a precaution. I am supposed to start Accutane this week and finish around the beginning of January so my husband and I will