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  1. nop not at all.... i got it from bravura london. It's my 5th week today, hav not seen a big difference, but still waiting n hoping
  2. Hello, I 'm planning to add Zinc to my daily supplement and regime. After some research found that 50 mgs is the recommended dosage, i'm not sure or should i start of with less? Other than that, i went to search in my local pharmacy - priceline and did not find zinc that are purely zinc ingredient only. Um, what i mean is.... check out this link http://www.blackmores.com.au/Products/Detail.aspx?ProductId=1829 The zinc has a lot of other vitamin ingredients in it. Should i get that or get
  3. Hey guys, Thanks so much for all of your replies. It helps me feel lot better to know more about my acne problems and that there's still cure for it. I never thought acne scars could cause so much emotional problems in my life. thanks again... wolf1337: yup, i understand that scar removal dont happen overnight, have been suffering with these marks and scars for like 5 years now, hope by next year i'll get clearer skin. Anyways 1 . i'm 22 yrs old, and nop i don't break out anymore now (touch
  4. Here you go, Try either, ACV baking soda aka delna's regime, sudocrem. and aha lotion. I find tht these helps get rid of red marks. Not sure if it is advisible to use those if you're still breaking out though. hope tht helps
  5. Hello! For me, i don't quite worry bout it coz yeah, my foundation has it, and nop i'm using the normal cetaphil moisturizer. But i think, to be on the safe side, wear a spf moisturizer together is better.
  6. Yep, you're right....i saw amazing reviews indeed..Thanks yea!, I'll keep an update here about my skin condition on using glycolic acid. can't wait to notice the "big difference" Here's looking forward to my ---- 2nd peel....2nd peel....2nd peeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEl......
  7. Hi there. From your skin condition, hmm, have you tried dan's regime or his bp? For me, it really works... (apple cider vinegar can help too) Personally, i think you need to get rid of the pimples /flare ups first then move on to treating the marks to get clear skin. I'm not sure if using glycolic peels at this stage is effective for the skin.. not sure...but hang in there !!!
  8. Hello SheekXD, Thanks for your reply. Like you, i'm a fair skinned , however, i have much worse skin condition and scars which i'm not sure what i'm going to do about it. sigh. Tried the peel tht day, waiting for my next one. But i don't really see much peeling though. is tht suppose to be so for the first peel?
  9. sorry but anyone? can anyone suggest what kind of treatment should i get to lead a normal happy life... (yea, its tht serious ....)
  10. Hi all, I have a question there. I'm a first time user for glycolic acid 30%. in fact, just got it today from BravuraLondon. Well, i'm a little confused with the duration of weeks i should apply it on my face. Is it like every once a week apply? and apply it for 6 weeks in a row? answers are very much appreciated.
  11. Hi there!!! wow, great improvement there from the pics you're showing. I'm very happy for ya! I just got my glycolic acid 30% from this site Bravura london http://www.bravuralondon.co.uk/index.php?m...;products_id=36 Would like to know what do you think about this brand? I'm scared to use it as I'm not sure whether it is like what you guys are using. Also, do check out my pics from my profile on my red marks. Do you think i should try to use glycolic acid 30% on my face to get ri
  12. Yes, i do. After ACV , leave it on n letting it dry, apply Dan's BP after tht. But according to delna's regimen, u can just apply ACV n wash it off aft 15 mins. then apply Dan's bp and moisturizer etc.
  13. was reading bout this fraxel laser that sounds effective for scars.. Hmm...i wonder if i should try it. Sorry. but does anyone knows how bad my scar is? I'm using ACV for now every morning and night, leaving it on after i wash my face, coz i read it's suppose to heal rolling scars. don't know if it's effective but still trying it.
  14. Hey..thanks for replying. Do you guys know what kind of scars that is? & what kind of laser treatment should i consider... I've just ordered glycolic acid 30% right now to get rid of my redness first and hopefully smoothen the scars as well.. Any other creams recommended? type of laser? (confused with all the laser names...lol_) btw, thanks wonko. I'll PM ya ...would do anything to hav clear skin. You're also welcome to post the do and don'ts here.