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  1. Yes I think there are ways to lower your enzymes with things like vitamin E and milk thistle, but I think the unique function of cholestryamine as it binds to the bile acids and removes substances like isotretinoin is key here. In the case I posted above, the ALT level for the girl was reduced with cholestryamine, but why would a medicine to lower cholesterol and bind to bile acids lower ALT? There’s a connection there between isotretinoin metabolites and elevated enzymes. I think trying it is w
  2. I would agree if it wasn’t for my ALT still being elevated past baseline, and I’ve been off Accutane for 2 years. Plus the chart I posted above shows that 100 days past off of Accutane and no change in ALT until cholestryamine was added
  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing. How long would you say from the point you started cholestryamine did the symptoms start getting better? And what symptoms did you have if you don’t mind me asking? Were all they improved with cholestryamine? I do take a high dose vitamin D, specifically 5k iU with Potassium
  4. Wowwww... Just checked this. in 2018 my blood ALT lvls were 16. Now, as of one week ago, they’re 50. The 2018 blood test was around the time I started Accutane, in other words post Accutane, my liver outputting enzymes that clearly indicate some residual toxicity. My symptoms almost mimic the study above. Although my ALT is not as high as 200, its clearly elevated compared to before. I’m feeling super confident that this actually supports the recycling of isotretinoin metabolites
  5. https://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/canres/65/21/9923.full.pdf this mentions that 100 umol/L is toxic to cells. I have no idea about molar concentrations with drugs so this might need more professional help
  6. The AGN topical seems promising. A bit pricey but worth a try. Another thing of interest I found for those of the opinion that Accutane is stored in the liver and remains stuck because of lack of bile flow: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/crihep/2019/9270827/ Specifically this part: “By contrast, when 14C-isotretinoin was administered to two patients with t-tube drainage of bile, there was a trend towards shortened half-lives, suggesting enterohepatic circulati
  7. Thanks for following up on this. I think our biggest problem is that no one really knows how isotretinoin works so we run into the issue of figuring things out to counter its mechanism and effects. But slowly we can figure it out with enough people asking their doctors. to add, isotretinoin doesn’t solely bind to RAR or RAX receptors, there’s speculation about FOXO1 interacting with isotretinoin and causing the adverse effects we’re all familiar with. Isotretinoin seems to upregulate e
  8. I did some research into what exactly Accutane does to the body and came across this really interesting study about the effects of some antagonists on retinoic acids, including isotretinoin. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022202X15409649 this led me to this study which mentions how RAR antagonists may be of potential use as topical agents in preventing or treating mucocutaneous toxicity associated with oral retinoids like isotretinoin. https://booksc.xyz/book
  9. [Edited link out] created a forum to specifically talk about Accutane sides. Not sure if against the rules but I thought it would be helpful if we focused our efforts somewhere tailored to the cause. well the link was edited out but please message me if you need it
  10. Just curious. In all this time and this entire thread, no ones figured out why hair loss, joint pain, etc occurs? I read about taurine and copper and all that crap but did nothing come from it?
  11. We need to reverse that process then. Since Accutane shrinks the sebaceous glands, how do you increase/proliferate them? I’ve found this: A RARβγ antagonist called CD 2665. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022202X15407754 We’ve all explored the early on set genetic baldness route, and the diffuse loss of hair is inconsistent with that. And with those who don’t have family patterns that match our hair loss. Plus girls all over this thread face the same exact
  12. Ask them if it’s out of my system why don’t I get acne anymore. That pretty much stumps them
  13. In the shower, put some hot water on your face, get the pores open. Then use salicylic acid on them. Leave for a min or two and then wash off. Right out of the shower, moisturize your face. Also limit sugar on days when you have outbreaks
  14. I wouldn’t recommend it tbh, there’s probably alternative treatments without the risk for awful side effects.