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  1. hey, somewhere on the forum i read cetaphil creme and aloe vera gel being recommended for moisturizing. Now that i've bought both of them i just would like to hear your comments on how to apply them. So in case you are using this combo as well, how do you apply it and what are your experiences? Do you apply them seperately or mixed? and what about the amount of each of them? same amount of each of them? I just did it like this: first the aloe vera gel and than the cetaphil, using about the same
  2. Hi, i was wondering whether there are dangers of ruining your skin with the regimen because since i am on the regimen my skin is always too dry, red and feeling slightly uncomfortable. What do dermatologist say about this regimen? Can it damage your skin if you are on it for a long time?
  3. What would you say: For which amount of time is it ok to have sunlight on your face without using a sunscreen?
  4. Hey Wynne, thanks a lot. Where could i get that mild bleach solution from?
  5. I have to admit that i have only read the first page of this thread. Has anyone found a better way to clean the brush yet? I am asking because i was cleansing my brush as it is described in the first post and i got some new whiteheads.
  6. Somewhere on this forum or the internet i found this description of the benefits of aloe vera: "Aloe Vera: This penetrates the skin quickly and deeply. This allows water and other moisturizers to sink deeply into the skin, restoring lost fluids and replacing the fatty layer. It permits the uronic acids, which strip toxic materials of their harmful effects, to penetrate deeply and allows the cleansing astringent qualities of the gel to work better. By increasing the circulation of the blood to a
  7. Hi, In a German forum on acne someone praises the "truderma"-method. You should check out their website to see what this method is about. The person on the German forum says that it works as well as Dan's BPO-method but it takes less time and the skin feels better. Anyone familiar with it? Any opinions on it? thanks
  8. Hey , has someone ever tried putting on moisturizer before BPO? does it still work? does the skin feel better?
  9. Does anyone know what speaks against using a hair blower to dry your skin after washing and to have the BPO entering faster?