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  1. Hello peeps, I have just recently brought myself some Diacneal (Retin - 0.1% and 6% Glycolic Acid) to sort out my mild acne and help fade my mild scars and red marks. I understand that it can be quite drying, so I am wondering if it is alright to use a moisturizer after applying the Diacneal? And how long I should wait to apply the moisturizer? Many thanks! Steve
  2. Is it okay to use Moistrazer after applying the Pigment Gel as my skill is drying out pretty bad? Seems to be working though, my light red marks have began to fade after about a month although after years of using BP i think its going to take alot longer.
  3. Just started using this stuff and its brill! Only thing though is that it makes my skin quite red and dry which is what i expected, i don't mind to much but would it be alright to use a moisturizer once i have applied this stuff ? or will it stop it from working as well as it would ?
  4. Really interesting thread man, i'm really tempted to give the whole water routine a go myself. I mean im on Dans rountine, have been for about 2-3 years (Acutane for 5 months aswell) and in all honesty my face hasn't improved that much and i just feel im preventing all the spots when i wanna be clearing my skin. My face always seems to feel dry eventhough i have fairly oily skin, maybe just maybe its the products/irriation that is causing my acne.... May give this ago.
  5. Hey im just wondering if its ok to take Zinc tablets ( 50mg ) while on Accutane ? Will it effect the drug and is it safe to use ? Thanks
  6. Hi guys im looking for a male kind of concealer or a tinted moisturiser to help cover up my red marks for partys and days out. Can anyone recommend something decent which wont break me out ? Baring in mind im from the UK. Also is it alright to use a concealer while on Accutane, it would help me loads if i could. Thankssssss
  7. Im wondering if anyone has used any of the Eucerin products to help with there red marks and overall skin complection, if so what product is the best for that and wont break me out ?. Thanks
  8. Hi people i have just started my new regimen yesterday, im hoping its going help rid me of my moderate acne (White heads) and help fade my red marks on both cheeks. AM: Paulas choice one step face cleanser Paulas choice 2% BHA Sailyclic Acid Gel Apply Emu Oil with Aloe Vera Gel PM: Paulas choice one step face cleanser Paulas choice skin balancing toner or Apple cider vinager Paulas choice 8% AHA Supplements each day: Zinc 60mg Vitamin C 1500mg Lots of water So what do you guys think, is this
  9. Yeh i would agree that 2 Blade razor is the way forward, The Gillete Sensor Excel is king. I havent had any razor burns since using it and Dan recommends it to. Also bit of topic but 1ycon can you buy ur shaving cream from lush online by anychance ? Im looking for a natural shaving cream. Cheers.
  10. Well my 8% Paulas Choice GA peel has arrived today and my last 20% SA peel was 3 days ago. Is it alright to use the Glycolic Acid now ?. Please help
  11. Hi guys im wanting to buy some 100% Aloe Vera gel of the Internet after hearing about how it can treat scars, redmarks and possibly help acne. Anyone know where i can get it from ? , it would have to be pure 100%. Thanks Peeeeps
  12. You could look into Emu oil which has near enough the same effects as Jojoba.
  13. What do you guys think about mixing Aloe Vera gel and Emu oil together and using the mixuture as a moistuizer ?. Im currently just using Emu oil and it seems to help reduce redness but i heard Aloe Vera is also very good for you skin and red marks. So what do you think ?.
  14. Yeh some good tips there, you may also want to add drinking lots of water onto that list aswell. Try to drink around 2litres of water a day, the more the better. It helps keep your skin hydrated and helps rid you body of bad bacteria. And remember to Exercise .
  15. Hiya . I am thinking of buying a Glycolic Peel for my moderate acne and redmarks but im not sure if i can use it with 20% Salicylic Peel ?. I have been using my SA peel every 8 days and seems to be having some kind of effect but will a 8% or 10% Glycolic respond well with it ?. Please help Thanks