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  1. The OP for that post (kkpb7825), is actually a member on this board too, but almost never posts. We actually found each other here and kept in touch after posting on that website. I participated in that thread also, and like kkpb7825, our accounts both got banned because the moderators wrongly thought we were trying to advertise some products by posting links. ' I am taking perilla seed extract, instead of Zantac, as a natural way of balancing TH2 and Th1. I don't see much improvements in the 2
  2. I've been taking saw palmetto for a long time now, 160mg-320mg standardized. I don't notice any bad side effects at all, just a significant decrease in oil production (a good thing).
  3. Visit www.askshelly.com/forum If you have candida overgrowth then probiotics should help you.
  4. Nice post. I understand you had acne for 10+ years, but what was the condition. Like where were they forming, cystic or whiteheads etc. It also seems that you probably had candida overgrowth, that's why you were successful with Primal Defense/acidophilus, and anti-fungals (garlic, olive leaf extract, oregano oil, and coconut oil). I would recommend you cycle the anti-fungals so the yeast doesn't build up an immunity towards them. Also saw palmetto has worked great for me too, because it's an an
  5. http://www.pennherb.com I replied to your other thread and this is where I purchased my burdock and yellow dock roots (cut).
  6. Funny you mentioned those herbs, because I've tried all of them in the past. I made tea before with burdock and yellow dock root. I drank it for a short while but I didn't notice much improvement, if any. I took enchinacea as a supplement and also didn't notice improvements. I'm taking a liver supplement now that contains milk thistle. I've read many research recommending burdock, yellow dock and other herbs for acne but those two were the most popular. Maybe I should've gave it more time to se
  7. Shelly said we can use Stevia anytime as an acceptable substitute for sugar. I guess it's second best next to vegetable glycerin then.
  8. SuperCelebs, You must be following the American food chart which have grains on top of the list. It's not a surprise Americans are probably the most unhealthy individuals in the planet due to their poor diet/processed food. Grains can cause insulin spikes for many people. Please get your facts straight before you post another ignorant post. rentstuff, I believe taking organic apple cider vinegar or lemon water helps lower insulin spikes if taken before meals. Also a plant-based supplement, glu
  9. Are we supposed to cycle coconut oil on and off if were using it to treat candida? I heard that's the correct method when taking anti-fungals, such as CO.
  10. Does anyone know which kinds of alcohol beverage is more easy on our liver? Some people are saying gin and tonic and i hate that stuff. Yuck.
  11. I don't see how you can see results that fast. If anything it should get worst before it gets better because of the die-off when you kill candida.
  12. I'm actually on my 7-day cleanse right now with oxy-powder. I have done this cleanse about 5 times already. It does a great job of melting away all the crap in my digestive system. My face pores always become tighter, pimples heal faster, and less oily right after.
  13. Well this help with candida overgrowth? The apple juice mixture seems counter-productive since it contains sugar. Also are you guys absolute sure that it will not cause people to have an initial breakout? I broke out horribly when I tried Colonix, and a little when taking Oxypowder. I thought that was normal since it's eliminating toxins and when it's not coming out of our body fast enough it shows up on our skin.
  14. Chris23, No I don't smoke. I have done many colon cleanses but not liver. I guess I'll start from there. I'll also test myself to see if I have Wilson's syndrome, although I'm highly doubtful. The test is simple, test my body temperature 3 times a day and see if it's below 98.6 degrees, and if so by how much. I appreciate all the responses.
  15. I don't lift weights very often, because I suspect it to be affecting my acne a little (increase testosterone). What I mean by poor grip is for example when I'm standing and holding a set of dumbells. My right hand has a stronger clamp on them. Maybe this is simply the fact that I'm right handed. This is not a big problem and I don't have any numbness, so I am doubtful I have carpal tunnel. Thanks for your reply though.
  16. You know what I think I might have diagnose my problem. For a year I've been traking zinc+b6 to help my acne. I think I remember reading somewhere that zinc may inhibit iron absorption. So maybe this is the reason? But I eat a lot of meat which contains iron so I'm not too sure. Also does anybody know how do I increase circulation? I notice when I'm weight lifting at the gym, my left hand grip is very poor compared to my right. Maybe this is an example of poor circulation? If anyone has any
  17. Cool I just received my Nutiva EV Coconut Oil. Now before I try it I have some questions. Will I get an initial breakout or any die off syndrome from taking this? I have some job interviews next week and I don't want to have any flare-ups. Thanks.
  18. Lately I noticed my hands and feet are always cold. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe I'm deficient in a certain type of vitamin/mineral?
  19. What is this clear urine method you speak of? I understand that drinking a lot of water and alkalnizing food helps acne and clears your urine. When it's yellow/orange then that means your body is more toxic. BTW, one glass of water literally means one glass. You can also use a mug.
  20. If you suffer from candida then honey is bad for you.