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  1. Well, even though I have mild acne it can be pain and annoying... My face would clear up within 1 day and then the next day break-out... Ugh...
  2. I used a small cotton-ball and add 4-5 drops of Clean & Clear - Deep Cleaning Astringent (Sensitive Skin) and gently remove all the dead flaky skin and then add Clean & Clear - Dual Action Mositurizer (Oil-free) so my face would be soft and smooth... Try it if you like.
  3. I say leave ur face alone for a least 1-2 days... Then try using Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, it will help make ur face calm and fresh, also dry up/reduce ur pimples little by little...
  4. Here's a link on how to report a scam... http://www.fightidentitytheft.com/how-to-report-scams.html
  5. Upset because I have a zit on my upper lips... I really want to pop it...
  6. What's good that u told him off because what he said what not nice, but what's wrong was punching him in the eye... I'm understand that you were upset but punching is never the answer... Next time, just tell him off and criticize him to see what's it like to get ur feeling hurt (him, not u)...
  7. I agree with silverangelX! It helps a lot! In fact, I'm wearing the mask right! LOl.
  8. You have lovely hazel eyes

  9. Thanks :-) I just messed around with the settings in MS Office Picture Manager :)

  10. Well that sounds good! I was about to say that you try using a toner (that helps remove those flakes) before moisturizer. But glad you found a product that helps you out!
  11. One more thing... I suggest you use the Queen Helene - The Original Mint Julep Masque first that will help you tone down ur acne and wash it off carefully and dry ur face with a small towel by dabbling (no rubbing). If you get red spots, try using Proactiv - Refining Mask (I found the only product from Proactiv that works well)...
  12. Hello, I felt the same way too! I used to use Proactiv back in high school and it did helped me a lot. But as I gotta older, for some reason my face would get oily and tiny pimples would appeared... So I quit using this product and now use a different brand that helps me control my acne. Here the products that I use, maybe this will help you too, worth a try: I use a face mask that will dry up my pimples: Queen Helene - The Original Mint Julep Masque My cleanser is Clean & Clean - Blackhe