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  1. Hey guys.I'm back again with another quick question.So I started incorporating glycolic acid in my regimen last week.I mix half of it with half of the acne.org moisturizer every evening.The dead skin hasn't yet come of so I was wondering if the Glycolic acid will take care of that?! Secondly,I haven't been using sunscreen for the past 4 weeks.I know because of the glycolic acid its important I do so,so I wanted to ask if I should just apply lightly and let it dissolve on its own or should I
  2. Hello This is my second week of using the regimen.I didn't get the cleanser but am using Cerave hydrating cleanser.Everything has been okay the first week and I noticed the acne had cleared apart from a few spots.I'm itchy and after I wash my face,I air dry it so when it dries up I just noticed for two days my face has been whiteish and kind of rough.I don't know if thats part of the process but i'd love to kniw whether it is or not. Thank you