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  1. It's just a few dollars and is in the spice section or aisle in lots of stores.
  2. Thanks for replying! :). I've been using the mask for a little over a week now and I've only noticed improvements. I simply use cold water to wash afterwards, and sometimes apple cider vinegar to tone and help remove the yellow from turmeric. Even though from what I've briefly read here that sweating is nothing but good unless you don't eventually wash your face, I'm just kind of paranoid about the sweating while having a mask on. :shrug:
  3. Anyone know or have any input on whether putting on a face mask (either a spot mask for marks or full face mask) on a dirty face (before cleaning with water) or putting on a face mask before sweating/working out is good, bad or doesn't matter, as opposed to using a mask on a cleansed face and not sweating. Sometimes I put on a mask (red sandalwood, turmeric, honey, tea tree oil) before I wash my face so that I don't have to wash my face 2 times, which can sometimes dry out my face. Also sometim
  4. Hi wispa, I've been trying a variation of your mask for a few days now, but from reading another turmeric thread here, unless I'm mistaken, there's talk that the turmeric is actually dying your skin as part of "healing" the spots. In another post you made in that thread, you said that your mask wouldn't stain or wouldn't be hard to remove unlike just pure turmeric. What ingredient(s) in your mask contribute to non-dying of the skin? Or does it still dye the skin, but just make it not so hard to
  5. Have I been misinterpreting some posts, or is part of the "magic" actually the turmeric "dying" the skin? Because I've been using this mask (turmeric, red sandalwood, tea tree oil, and honey) every day on just my blemishes and hyperpigmented scars, but also on a few entire areas (like in between my eyes and one cheek) where there are multiple new and old hyperpigmented spots. I could see how it's good/okay if just the specific spots are dyed to match your skin tone, but I wouldn't want whole par
  6. How important is the milk? Is it mainly for the consistency? I just have soy and almond milk - I'd probably use almond milk - should that work fine?
  7. How has it worked for you so far dorkette?
  8. I've been doing it twice a day with 2-4 slices of ginger since I made that post; I only missed 2 days but I'm not thinking that'll make a difference. My hypopigmented scar is contrasted somewhat dramatically so I think that it'll probably take a little bit longer than the 1 month to notice a difference in my case. I'll keep updating.
  9. Can anyone attest that using fresh ginger works to heal/return pigment to hypopigmented scars? I was doing a search on hypopigmented scars (not necessarily caused by acne) and found a peculiar blog about how "passing over" fresh ginger onto hypopigmented scars will heal them - that this will return basically full pigment in 1 - 6 months. Some quotes from the blog are:
  10. It might be a broken blood vessel. I have the same kind of raised red bump that came from a blemish, and just a saw a derm recently - she said pulse dye surgery can/should get rid of it. Since it's so close to your lip though, I don't know - See a derm if never goes away.
  11. Went to a dermatologist for a small red bump that formed under my eye over 2 years ago from a blemish - she said it is a broken blood vessel and that it's no problem for a pulse dye laser to do the trick and get rid of it basically completely. Well I went to have the procedure today. For the dermatologist (different one from the previous appointment), I held a mirror and specifically pointed to the bump on my cheek under my eye as the mark. Got home, a few hours later removed the bandage only
  12. So about a month ago I resorted to using some cuticle pliers to take out this bump. It bled, and I put some disinfectant, neosporin, and band-aids on it for a week. The bump was physically no more. It was like a red healing mark. So now, over a month's time, the bump is officially back. Somehow, instead of healing, it's gradually "grown" back exactly how it was! What the heck?? Frightening Who knows if a dermatologist will know what to do, but I guess that's the only option left..
  13. I read this in one of your free .pdf's too... I've been taking a probiotic superfood drink for the past 5 months and I only have mild acne, but I want it gone. I think exercise might be my missing link. So, now I'm drinking 2-3 cups of burdock tea a day + rebounding for a "mini cleanse" - burdock for 3 months and rebounding indefinitely. I avoid processed foods, processed dairy, and non-organic meats. I plan to introduce kefir and kombucha in the following months. I don't understand how
  14. Well if you get it removed some way please PM me or reply here
  15. Haha, I can definitely sympathize with you. One little mark can become really frustrating, and no one here knows what to do or what it is. Did you try a silicone sheet?