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  1. @BlueMaloney, hey I had three infini and genius two years apart. I have had three 3 subsiscion treatments.
  2. I wouldn't wish this battle on anyone. Even though I hold a respectable position in a science-based field, I have had colleagues comment on my skin at social "cocktail" gatherings. I do a lot of public speaking (pre covid) "What the f*** happen to your complexion" was the most recent comment? Even though I know my worth academically, my skin, in an second, can reduce me. I just want to try and make it better. That is my nature, to try...
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I hate this battle and am running out of options. It is helpful to hear suggestions as this fight is an expensive one!
  4. Hey, I have had success with subsiscion, infini and genius. I have rolling scars, no ice picks and some box car scarring. What now? I am running out of options. I am considering co2, the 1980s laser as a a few doctors still do that and ultra pulse Co2. I dont have deep scarring but my texture is terrible. I tried to take the picture with a light above me so it would capture the scarring in the worst possible light to show the damage. Thank you. Thanks
  5. Hey, I have had infini, genius and subsiscion. What next? I am contemplating full on co2 with the laser providers that still off the 1980s treatment to zap these deep trophic scars. Comments, no matter how rude, welcome!! I have heard it all about my skin. From elephant woman to "you have the worst f^^^^^^ skin I have ever seen". I can take it!