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  1. 1.1st subcision with HA filler. then after 3 months another subcision with HA, 6 weeks after was my Genius needling. 2. im from philippines what PLLA do you recommend? sculptra is not available in our country 3. i'll try to upload pics of my scar soon. insights is really appreciated
  2. Hello! I been lurking in this website for quite some time and it help me a lot, I got a couple of question I hope you can help me out 1.i had done 2 subcision before and the doctor put a bit of HA filler, for it not to tether. then i did an genius rf im a bit scared bec the doctor use 3mm needles, will that cause me fat loss? BTW my doc told me it's ok because men have thicker skin (dermis) 2. i heard doing a sculptra then rf will help me stimulate more collagen, i ask my doctor a