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  1. Can i use treitonin 0.025% while using AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution weakly?
  2. Si alguna vez te tratas ahi danos un feedback de los resultados!! Por mi parte estoy buscando un dermatologo para tratar mi acne. El 2018 fui con un dermatologo para tratarlo y lo primero que me dio fue isotretinoina sin explicarme que debia mantener mi piel fuera del sol y cuidarla con cremas y eso, el resultado es una cara con cicatrices jaja Una vez lo tenga bajo control contactare a esa doctora y les avisare sobre los resultados
  3. Hola, tambien soy de Chile, pronto en este mes ire a ver a un dermatologo en Talca, le preguntare sobre los procedimientos que el usaria para mis cicatrices y dependiendo de lo que me diga pensare en continuar un tratamiento con el!! Te mantendre informado
  4. Thank you, in case that TCA cross dont help that much with the deeper ones i'll try to get subcsicion first and then continue with the tca. Wich concentration do you recomend? and shoul i expect a 100% improvment in the shallower scars? Again thank you very much for your respond !!
  5. Hello i've hade this scars since 2018 and im looking for treatment options I think most of my scars are boxcar and icepick and most of them are pretty shallow i'll post some pictures of a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english :p
  6. grannh


    I'm staying on my grandparenth's house so i been eating a lot of junk food and with no skin care routien , so usually i have a clear skin I've been reading that it can make them wider but also shallower so my question is, How much improvment could i get in the shallower ones? and if i get a good improvement should i continue with the others scars?
  7. grannh


    Thats my right cheek Left cheek mejilla