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  1. what exactly is dermarolling? i never heard of that treatment before, is it safe and effective? and where do you get this from?
  2. hey how are you doing? I know exactly what you mean, i've got a chicken pox scar that seems to be getting bigger as well... i was just wondering, have you tried any other treatments on it? I recently started a course of microdermbrasion treatments on mine, so will have to see how it turns out..
  3. hey, thanks for al the info guys. more welcome but can you tell me what is the best way of getting in touch with dr chu?
  4. i currently live in london, so i was wondering if anyone know more info about him? thanks alot!
  5. umm...many people have had much success with it. do not use glycolic and salycilic acid, they will make things worse. if you want to get rid of an indented scar then i guess spot reat with TCA is the best option....
  6. its getting really annoying, but nothing seems to work for my whiteheads. i aint been getting many spots but, i have so many whiteheads all over my face and its getting depressing... nothing seems to work, i wash my face get rid of most of them but they keep coming back. usually in the huge amount of pores i have on my face I use face wash, i use BP, i use BP and Facewash. just dont do anything to get rid of them...someone please help...
  7. hiya, i live in london. and i have a chicken pox scar. and i was wondering if anyone can recommend someone i should see? its like a pitted scar. i've tried TCA but to no avail...
  8. i was treating a crater scar with TCA Cross, and now teh scab has just came off. i was wondering what i should do now to ensure more improvements? should i keep applying the peptides?
  9. i was wonderin if anybody else experiencing redness from the scar treated with TCA. i treated a indented scar and it seems less indented, but the scar is alot reder than surrounding areas...anybody any ideas how to treat?
  10. yeah i know what you mean, but are they big? and where are they?
  11. well i suppose, but because I have only one, people are less sympathetic. but i would recommend maybe you should want to see a doctor about it because its just arisen. by the way, i have more than one but all the other ones are small and I kinda like them (in a strange way), its just this BIG one whihc is pissing me off. how many have you got? i am surprise we haven't got more replies, i would of thought lots of people would have this problem since pretty much everyone has chicken pox.