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  1. Thanks for the great replies, and merf i kind of follow the same routine you do with foods and what not. I had my acne since i was early teens i would say, but it was more very mild. As i got older it got more worse, but my acne has never been the small type of acne. Any time i got pimples they were very big, painful, then i started to get cysts when i was about 18 or so. That was very odd for me, since i didn't know what they were etc. I went to the derm and they gave me some differin ointment,
  2. I really appreciate your reply, especially since you gave me some good advice and answered al my questions, thank you! Even though you think your technique is mean, i think it is a great technique to get people to stop staring. I might try this, and let you know the results. I hate how people also assume the things you were talking about like not washing your face, use protactiv etc. I feel like saying " you think i don't watch tv, tired this stuff, read magazine ads with it and haven't tried it
  3. Since i cant stop popping cysts when i get them, i am always left with the horrible mark that is beat red, scabs up, then stays around for a long time. However, i started using the apsirn mask, and i realized it works like a chemical peel in a way. How long should i keep doing this? I notice the skin starts to peel after the scab dries up, and it actually looks better, but when do i stop it? I don't know if it is good it keeps peeling, im worried maybe it will peel the skin to deep or something?
  4. I cant even understand what your going through,cause your acne sounds bad, but im not sure how bad. but yah it sounds pretty bad, and i wouldnt mind helping anyone out either.
  5. thanks ill guess i try to have the courage and do it, but they are pretty bad. i was thinking about hitting the tanning bed for the first time to see if it could help. she seems to be really looking forward to seeing me, so i dont want to let her down, but my confidence is low.
  6. thanks alot for the reply, i will try this. but what happens when it starts to scap and the scab falls off by itself, is that good or bad?
  7. see that is a fucking problem right their. people who have really good skin, take it for granted. life is so much more of a pain with bad skin, i cant even go to explain it. girls who say that kind of shit, i wouldn't tolerate and would get really upset, just ignore it. i can understand your confidence going down as well, but i look at it this way for example. Today i was talking to a classmate, who had good skin, but she had a couple really big pimples, and i mean big. Yeah i saw them their, b
  8. I know this sounds to childish, but I'm a male in my early 20s and im supposed to have a date towards the end of the week. I have hung out with this girl before and had pretty good skin. Recently i have a couple really bad breakout, like cysts and im hesitant for her to see me like this. do most of you cancel the dates and just reschedule them? I feel i have no chance what so ever to, cause she will be turned off.
  9. i really don't see anything wrong with your skin, a little bit of acne their. my skin right now is way worse, but usually is pretty good. consider yourself lucky to have that kind of skin, but i can still understand you feeling upset. I feel upset cause u know how your skin can look, and it doesn't look that way. all i can tell you is that it doesn't look to bad at all, and your more fortunate than many others.
  10. I had this bad spot of my forhead, and i pushed it and made matter much worse. Now it is started to wrinkle and get dried out, im assuming from all the alcohol and aspirin mask, even though this is the 2nd day im on it. Is that good or bad? i guess it will peel when ready, but i dont know if im to harsh on the spot?
  11. doesnt even look that bad bro, i wouldnt sweat it.
  12. Im new to the forums and I appreciate you guys giving me support. Im a male in my late 20's and i was wondering if any of you use tanning as a temporary fix for acne? It is still cold here i the north east, and my skin is kinda shitty right now. I was thinking about using tanning for a few days to try to clean it up before a date i have. I never went tanning before and dont really like the idea, but my skin is at its worse right now.