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  1. Hey y'all, I did genius rf microneedling. I'm starting to get little whiteheads from it. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips? Already using a topical antibiotic, wondering if I should do a round of oral antibiotics.
  2. What settings should be used for genius RF microneedling for shallow scars to ensure that you don't experience facial fat loss? How many passes do they normally do? What settings have y'all used, and what was the experience like?
  3. Okay, subcision is done. What the fuck. That was so uncomfortable. So much snapping and popping and pushing. It felt like 100 snaps. Ahhh. Some were somewhat painful, or just super uncomfortable. She also did Lase MD afterwords to help with healing and try to minimize my pores. Hopefully it does, that would be so wonderful. Right now I look just like a younger chubbier version of myself. The swelling makes me look 15. I'm also bright red. My face stings, but it's not unbearable.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm taking the first step and doing subcision tomorrow. I will update on how it goes. Thanks for everyones advice.
  5. Thank you for all of your insight @Sirius Lee , I will update how it goes in a few weeks. Do you have before/after progress pics of yourself anywhere? How is everything going for you?
  6. So when I pull my skin taught, or puff out my cheeks, most of them go away. Most of them are really shallow, the photo looks a lot worse than it actually looks irl. Do you think subcision would be the first route to go? If there are minimal bands to break up, do you think I could go in with genius or infini at the same time? Or should I still wait the 3 months?
  7. Hi! Do you happen to have before and after pics you want to share? I would love to see!
  8. Thanks, Sirius. Jw- Has anyone made a list of all of the providers who offer subcision in the US? I've looked for one on here and can't find anything like that. I have previously called around and even when it says someone does subcision on their website, they frequently dont. I'm thinking about Dr. Rullan, but if there are cheaper options with similar proficiency that would be ideal.
  9. Bummer, do you think my skin will ever look normal?
  10. It would be nice to have good skin, even if its temporary. I would continuously pay money to fix this.
  11. Thanks for willingness to help, I really appreciate it. So far I've done diy microneedling... for a few years. I felt like there was improvement up until last year, now it's kind of stagnated. I've used a roller, switched to a stamp, and now have an electric microneedling device. I've done some minor at home chemical peels from mua choice. Lactic & salicylic. I don't remember the percentages. I think for the most part they're rolling scars... and massive pores. Do you
  12. I'm so sick of my skin. I've been microneedling every few months for a couple of years. Using tret for over 2 years. Doing lil peels here and there. I was close to doing infini but then decided not to because of the possibility of little improvement and facial fat loss. I was thinking subcision, but I don't know if I have the right scars for it. Does anyone have advice? How bad is it really? I'm thinking about seeing dr. Rullan.