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  1. try a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. you need to keep your hair moisturized, or you'll get an excess of oil trying to make up for the dryness. if it gets too greasy, just condition the ends. i also recommend buying your shampoo/conditioner from a salon, rather than places like wal-mart or target. good luck!
  2. Than say, Americans? True, false? From what I've seen from photos, I've convinced myself they do. Or do Europeans just have really kick butt make up? I don't mean to generalize, I'm just amazed by the countless photos I've seen of Europeans with seemingly perfect skin.
  3. i have this problem too. i don't mind so much my mom seeing me without make up, but when i'm around friends i get pretty self conscious, just because their skin (in my head at least) is in better shape than mine. i also get self conscious when i'm the only one wearing make up. mom and pops will love you no matter what, and considering acne is in a lot of cases heredity, it's likely they've been through it too. i used to have pretty bad cystic acne, and i would just cake on TONS of nasty orang
  4. when i started accutane last year, i had moderate/mild acne. about six months in, my skin cleared up, i was taken off the tane, and for about four months i had wonderfully clear skin (lotta hyperpigmentation though). i started breaking out again in september of last year, literally four months after i stopped taking it. so i'll be starting accutane round dos at the end of this month. again, i consider my acne pretty mild/moderate, my real problem is hyperpigmentation. i can't really treat that
  5. I was in art class working with charcoal. My art teacher says to me, "I think you have some charcoal on your face." I went into the other room to examine my face in the mirror, but nothing was there. Only my greyish scars/hyperpigmentation left over from a round of minocycline gone very wrong. I felt terrible. Another time a few guys were joking around, and I overhead one saying, "Insert-secret-alias-here has a oily face!" Worst part is, I had a crush on one of them!
  6. To any of you who have undergone a 12% TCA peel, how long was the downtime? What should be expected? What exactly happens? Thanks!
  7. i had tons of ear infections when i was a kiddo. i came very close to having one of those tubes put in. i took those sulfate drugs until they found out i was allergic.
  8. With 100 million dollars, I could buy a child's face, and have it grafted onto mine. Not really though.
  9. I've been using a 30% glycolic acid peel for the past month or so, and it's no longer effective. I want to go up to a 60% (I figure I can dilute it and work up), but I start Accutane for the second time next week, and I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I asked my derm and she said it wouldn't make sense since things are already so dry, and I've heard chemical peels in combination with Accutane can cause severe scarring. I just want to get rid of all my hyperpigmentation. They're the reason why
  10. They're terrible. Proactive commercials and family members. Everytime I visit someone in my family they comment on my skin, or ask if I'm wearing make up, or tell me about how their friend's daughter's boyfriend's sister's son applied lemon juice to his face twice a day, and how it worked for him. Or all of the above. Ugh! Makes me feel so self conscious!
  11. I suffered through acne all through middle school, high school, and now college. Although my acne isn't nearly as bad as it was, I still get quite a few pimples, even after a round of Accutane. The pimples aren't the worst part, the hyperpigmentation is. I have fair, and very sensitive skin, so every time I get a pimple it leaves its mark. I have lots and lots of marks, that never seem to go away. I'm afraid to go anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE without make up. I wish I could just wake up and go, but