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  1. I am a victim too from last twenty years ...every single day tried to find cure to my acne problem but could succeed...from last four days a little ray of hope has entered my heart...something is working for my face ...acne slowly clearing up ...fingers crossed Error Could not succeed #fingers crossed
  2. Do u have hormonal breakouts or food intolerances
  3. I suffer from acne ...since last twenty years ..tried everything..still suffering...information u shared seems interesting to read when u don’t suffer from it ...but in reality it’s very hard to find a cure
  4. Hey Mikey , have u got your blood sugar checked...I think high sugar food Mike cause u a breakout , or if u are intolerant to fructose then u should avoid fructans as well ..many food contain fructans I am histamine intolerant... but I have recently found a medicine which is giving me some positive results...I have my fingers crossed...if it worked I will share
  5. It’s been four days since I started taking this tablet ....seems like my skin is clearing up ...still fingers crossed #acne battle #quest to clear skin
  6. I think I am finally getting rid of my acne ....still fingers crossed
  7. Hi Ashley , are u taking silicea

  8. Hi earth , just want to know your progress with silicea 6xn

  9. Hi ndmgal , just want to know your progress with silicea 6x

  10. Hi beaker , want to know your progress with silicea 6x

  11. I also get pus filled acne, but today a little hope has risen in my heart ...fingers crossed ...I think I have found a cure to my acne....pls wish me luck ...I will share my full story and acne treatment I found if it turns out to be a true miracle ....for the time being just fingers crossed