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  1. I took minocycline for 6 months and didn't see one bit of improvement.
  2. So Mino might be the reason for my melasma on my cheeks. It just started after a few months on Mino. I recently stopped taking it so I'm hoping it will start to fade away. My good for nothing derm never even told me it could have been caused by the Mino. She said it was hormonal. And SHE was the one that put me on the Mino to start with. Don't you think she should have made the connection???
  3. Please tell me about Yasmin and B5. Where do you get these things?
  4. My OB/GYN just prescribed Orthotricyline BC to take along with the Spiro. I won't start them until Sunday, but I do hope the combination works. I'm getting desperate. I've read about the rat tumors too, but I'm so desperate, I don't even care.
  5. I couldn't agree more with the original poster. I think I've tried every topical agent available (and many that have long been taken off the market). The topicals might dry things out a little, but for serious cysts all you end up with is dry skin on top of a painful lump underneath your skin. Doesn't even make sense to bother. I am positive my acne is hormonal. I've thought that all along. My derm finally agreed with me and suggested Spironolactone coupled with birth control. But the der
  6. I've never gone tanning indoors before, but I agree that the sun does help my acne. It isn't a miracle cure or anything, it just seems to tame it some. And the tan does a nice job of hiding the scars.
  7. Another one who got their first zit in 2nd grade! I freaked out totally. I remember it was picture day and I had one tiny red pimple on my cheek. I didn't want to go to school. My mom and dad told me I should wash my face really good and it would help it go away. So I remember scrubbing my face a whole bunch of times in a row and being terribly upset when the stupid zit didn't go away. And I'm now almost 40 and I'm still fighting acne. I swear I'll have it until I die.
  8. I think I have the oiliest skin in the world. Honest I do. And that includes my back and chest as well as my face. I shower, my skin feels so clean and an hour later, it's like an oil slick. It feels horrible. My derm started me on Spironolactone a month ago. Is that supposed to dry up oil? Will it ever start working? It hasn't yet. And do any face washes REALLY control oil? I haven't found any that do anything different. I always get greasy within an hour of washing.
  9. I've been on Spironolactone for almost a month now and I swear my skin in oilier than ever and I'm getting more cysts all over - face, back, neck, arms, chest - everywhere! The derm told me it would take a while to work, but how long? And why does it take so long to start working? Is it common to see hormonal acne get worse before it gets better with Spiro? Help please. I'm feeling really down.