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  1. Oh this seems like a helpful tip. I do have very oily skin. I don't understand why doctors do not inform us about these things beforehand. Are you applying the 15% TCA by your self? If yes, what is your method and what kind of scar are you treating?
  2. I am talking about these complications. Phew, I just wish this could be a little easier.
  3. Ahh! So the ones that turned out bad were done with a scalpel. I plan on getting it punched out by a biopsy tool. Hopefully that works well.
  4. Those are some solid points that are worth taking into consideration. Thank you so much. I hope things work out in the end so that I can get the correct treatment!
  5. I want to excise a pore on my left cheek. 8-9 years ago, I excised a mole when I was 11-12 years old. The doc said it would leave a linear scar. However, it stretched, leaving shiny tethered skin which had warts and breakouts and it eventually became okay, but the scar is uneven and stretched nonetheless. Now that I am 19 (and plan on doing the procedure when I am 21), is the same risk of stretching present for a punch excision scar? I am an adult, so my skin will not stretch as much as it did a
  6. Could you tell me in what way they turned out bad? What kind of scars had you treated with excision? and could you show pictures of your scars and how they have improved? It would be beneficial for me to be able to gather enough info about others' experiences with the procedure so that I can accurately way the pros and cons.
  7. Wow you have had massive improvements!!! The two holes you had on one cheek is similar to the one I attempted to get treated with TCA Cross professionally. However, mine have not shown similar improvement and have actually gotten worse due to depression of skin next to the scar as the dermatologist managed to touch my healthy skin with TCA as well. Maybe excision will help now. But thanks to your pictures, maybe I can realise that my scar is not as horrific as my brain th
  8. Hey I have given my update above^ All in all, the inflammation of the initial scar is fine and there is no more PIE. However, there is a new pitted scar on the surrounding skin that doesn't seem to be healing.
  9. Okay, this is going to be a 3-month update. Now that the PIE has cleared up, I can clearly see the scar. Pre-treatment Before, the scar was a 1-2 mm wide, deep, bottomless pore. I had picked and squeezed it multiple times, leading the skin around it to clot up and be picked out by me again and again. This left a slight circular depressed scar around the scarred pore. Post-treatment (3 mo) The pore itself shows little to no improvement. maybe, just maybe the actual pore has g
  10. I tried it. However, the derm managed to make an even bigger hole because a good bit of the toothpick applicator was dipped in the acid. SO while trying to put the acid on the base of the scar, she managed to spoil the surrounding healthy skin. So I really do not want to continue with TCA. Hopefully, it will fade enough into a fine linear scar. The present hole would be worse than a surface linear scar I feel.
  11. I briefly read a RealSelf discussion that punch excisions for dilated pores can be tricky and might require multiple sessions or may not be fully successful in one go as the pores are not straight perpendicular to our cheek surface but are actually tilted. I plan on getting my 3-4mm deep and wide dilated pore punched out here in India. I am, however, afraid that some of the docs will not know the correct technique to deal with dilated pores specifically. I'd expect Jason Emer to have more
  12. Seriously?? I heard it is good to keep it wet?? How did you keep it dry and how did it help? Also, what type was your initial scar? and how deep was it? I am sorry for the load of questions. But I am really trying to figure out what are the odds of this procedure yielding a good result and the potential future treatments that I might take up.
  13. I am genuinely happy for you. Maybe it just does not suit my skin or maybe it takes longer in my case. Hopefully there are corrective treatments out there.
  14. After my treatment, my scar widened and Have not seen an improvement even in 8 weeks... I hope it gets better in the next couple of months.
  15. Do you have pictures of your new scar? I experienced the exact same thing 2 months ago and I see little to know difference as of yet.