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  1. From what I have read and learnt from my appointments with my Derm, taking 80mg from day one is fine. The only reason many derms tend to up the dose slowly is because the side effects are dose dependent so starting low introduces them slowly. Also, a high dose from the begining tends to give a more sever IB but since you are well into your course it should be fine. There is also some research to show that taking a high dose per day will give the best chance of a remission providing a total dos
  2. I had no problems taking accutane with an antidepressant - Citalopram. The Derm told me she had several patients taking them while on accutane without issue. I was also fine, no problems
  3. It is recommended you reach a cumulative dose of 120mg per kg of weight. The easiest way to calculate this is to multiply your weight (in kg) by 120. Then, divide this answer by either 20 or 40 depending on what strength pill you are taking. This figure is the total number of accutane tablets you must take to reach your required cumulative dose.
  4. It is an expensive game going the private route for accutane. I think a rough summary of the costs I had were: Four Derm appointments approx.£120 each = £480 Cost of 5 month 80mg per day = £500 Cost of two blood tests = £200 So it cost over £1k all in all which is a lot. But I don't think you would have to pay for this! The prescribing critera for accutane is not simply acne severity. Your acne is clearly effecting your confidence and giving you psychologically a hard time.
  5. Hi Enviel, The more accutane you take the greater the chance of remission and perhaps cure. However, there is also a greater chance of side effects both short and long term. I think the consensus is a dose of 120mg/kg should be reached to give the best chance of long term remission and possible cure. Therefore, taking a low dose such as 10mg a day would take many months perhaps years to reach this magical 120mg/kg. In addition, there is some evidence to show that the closer to a daily dose of
  6. Just wondered if anyone has any pain with their feet while on accutane? I have seen lots of posts from people with other side effects but not really heard of anyone with feet or heel pain. Did it persist or resolve? Did anyone ever investigate their heel pain any further? If anyone wishes to share their experiences it would be great.
  7. My Dermatologist told me that he sometimes takes patients to higher cumulative doses (180mg/kg and above) if they have difficult acne and it is not clearing quickly. The higher cumulative dose and the higher dose per day gives the best chance of remission for a long time. I just wondered if you were having any side effects from the treatment? I would imagine if you are feeling fine at the moment, one more month should be ok. Hopefully this longer, high dose course will mean your chances of requ
  8. I think there is no strick maximum, but the more you take the greater the chance of remission - and also the greater risk of side effects. I think sticking to the guidance most Dermatologists give of 120mg/kg is the best chance of inducing remission and cure while minimising the likelyhood of side effects. It is worth noting that many of the side effects of accutane will discontinue once the drug is stopped. However, the greater the mg of accutane you take the higher the risk of changes to the
  9. I have a chapter from a Dermatology Clinicians Guide which comments on this issue: "Evaluation of clinical reports of children treated with retinoids suggest that the occurrence of bone abnormalities, particualrly premature closure of the epiphyses, is associated with treatment for more than 5 years, high retinoid doses and vitamin A supplementation" Retinoids: A Clinician's Guide By Nicholas J. Lowe, Ronald Marks It seems if a dermatologist is willing to recommend such treatment with the app
  10. I just wondered if anyone on here had any difficulties with hyperostoses that developed because of accutane? Basically, these are boney outgrowths that mainly affect the spine, but can also affect places like the heel, knee, elbow, etc. These are permanent changes to bone which cause aches and discomfort. These changes tend to occur with higher and longer term accutane usage. Has anyone had problems with these from accutane?
  11. I thought you might find this scientific journal useful concerning treating patients who relapse quickly when they cease taking standard doses of isotretinoin. I have highlighted the recommendation/conclusion at the end. 'Microdose' isotretinoin R.A. Palmer S. Sidhu P.G. Goodwin Sir, It is our experience that some adults with acne vulgaris respond to extremely low doses of isotretinoin. Such low doses, used continuously, may be a good way of treating patients who relapse quickly when the
  12. I was reading about the prescribing guidelines for accutane in relation to people who suffer psychologcally from their acne. I thought you may find the following helpful when making your decision: A meeting was held in Brussels in 1995 to review current oral isotretinoin (Roaccutane®/Accutane®) treatment policies among internationally renowned experts by proposing treatment guidelines based upon a review of 1,000 acne patients who received this therapy. The group agreed that "acne conditions
  13. I would think that the length of remission you experience from acne will be shorter than if you had taken a full course. The closer to 120mg/kg is reached the longer the remission. There is questionable benefit going beyond 120-150mg/kg. How much accutane did you take?
  14. Hi guys, I have a quick question regarding non comedogenic moisturisers. I realise that we are meant to use this type of moisturiser to prevent acne. However, I struggle to find this phrase any moisturing products in places like Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets. At the moment I am using the 'Simple' range of light moisutisers but I have no idea if this is non comedogenic. Can you guys recommend some non comedogenic moisturizers and places I can buy them? I live in the UK, so any recommendation
  15. Most of the advice I have read in scientific journals recommends 1mg/kg per day until a cumulative dose of 120mg/kg is reached. However, I think there is a growing consensus that cumulative dose is more important than daily dose. My advice would be to take 1mg/kg per day (as advised by the journals). If the side effects are too much then lower the dose until they are tolerable. Just to clarify, if you weight 80kg then take four 20mg tablets a day i.e. 1mg per kg. Hope this helps.