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  1. The 187 doesn't have a round head, it's the MAC skunk brush. This brush in my opinion does it all. I have one for my foundation, powder and blushes. It's perfect!
  2. ohh gotta get me some soon! haha being a girl has it's benefits :)

    ps-Welcome to the community!

  3. haha well at least your skin doesn't look "complex". Makeup artist in the making? It's possible. What lip gloss do you use? :)

  4. what's this about lack of exercise and acne being linked? god, thatd be my problem if its linked
  5. all kinds of mac brushes! the 187 or something brush is amazing, its got a round head and give good coverage!
  6. Hey! I love how you do your makeup :)

  7. okay, so i was wondering if anyone has consistently taken different antibiotics for over a yr, and when you switch, do you immediately stop breaking out before your acne has a chance to come back? this is for people who dont use topicals btw, just antibiotics
  8. it did for me, depends tho. i think as it stopped working in the first place, it wont necessarily work again as the distance between the times is so short. erythromycin is shite tho, so any tetracycline should be better tbh! maybe give tetracycline ago, i loved that while it worked!