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  1. erbium laser will not work as dermabrasion I think. I am looking for dermasanding in one treatment with tca or phenol peel and or punch excison for 1-2 ice pick scars. I have only 4 little scars less than 3mm size. Surgeon who has lasers said that lasers will not help me.
  2. Hello, Does anybody knows good surgeon experienced in such treaments as punch excision and/or dermasanding/sandpaper dermabrasion for acne scars? I am living in Poland and spoke with many doctors here and nobody doing it. If you know some doctors near Poland please put here informations.
  3. hello, I would like to refresh this topic. Does anybody knows good doctors in Europe who performing dermasanding for scars? I heard only about verkiu clinic in vilnus, but they don't answer to my mail so far, and it's difficult entry to Lithuania now due to pandemy.
  4. hello, have you thought abour mechanical dermabrasion or manual dermasanding? in vilnus there is a verkiu clinic where doctor doing phenol peel+dermasanding. Or dermasanding with tca peel. I see doctor Safonov has mechanical dermabrasion in offer at his website, why he didnt offer it to you? I am also curious if he performing often punch excision for ice pick scars?hard to find a doctor who can do it in Europe. If somebody knows a doctor in east europe please tell me cose I am interested in
  5. Hello any news about results of this treatment? I heard about clinic in Vilnius where they making phenol peel+dermasanding and I see good results on their website pilingas.lt
  6. Hello, do you recommend scar excision when it has 3-4 mm size? how your skin looks like now, can you tell please?
  7. From my experience I don't recommend Discovery pico laser and restyline skinbooster, skinbooster made my scars more visible.TCa cross when scrabs felt down too quick my scars are bigger from that time so I also don't recommend it.
  8. What do you think about such treatments like stem cells from fat injection, placenta(plagentic) injection, platelet fibrin injection, punch excision for ice pick scars, easy tca peel? I am considering also these treatments for myself for my scars around nose. This result I found in medical website its after 2 dermasanding +easy tca peel.I think result is great.
  9. Hello, I am new here and also having problems with scars.If you are in Florida I heard about doctor Garcia, he making a dermabrasion, one girl put own pics in realself website after that treatment( also drastic just after treatment) and she was later satisfied with results around 40% of improvement.There is also something like sandpaper dermabrasion, I am also thinking about it but in my country (Poland) I can't find a surgeon who is experienced with any kind of dermabrasion.I heard also about s