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  1. Hi guys, I 've been using BP 4 months, and got 90% cleared! Now I get one small acne a day, which is nothing compared to previous condition. What should I do now? Continue using BP or quit?
  2. Hi people, three months now I've been using cream with 4% BP. It's good, I cleared up a lot when I am cleared now, only got sporadic pimples, how to continue using it? Do I still need to put it all over my face or just on spots and how long to keep it on the skin? Thanks
  3. when talking about Mach 3, most people hate the price, me too. Every month or two I need to buy new blades. It shave fine until new, but after three-four times it starts to irritate the skin.. I have never tried Sensor Excell...maybe I should give it a shot
  4. thanks one more thing: I am using 4% BP, in use directions it says that I need to keep it on skin 2-3 minutes than wash out, but that makes me no better, only if I keep it 20 minutes or more makes my skin clear but also burns and dries. Any opinions?
  5. I am having my acne problem 5 years...a year ago I cleared up very good with BP, now I am 95% clear. I shaved twice a week mostly and now I tried to shave every morning and been practice that around ten days. OMG, my acne got worse, I got breakouts on chins and loads of white small ones around mouth and nose face is red, itchy and feels bad Looks like shaving everyday isn't best option. this is my shaving regimen: - face wash with Avene Cleanance gel - Gillette M3 power - Gillette shaving g
  6. thanks...can you please recommend some moisturize after BP cause my skin is red and itchy...I can't get Dan stuff over here so is there any replacement stuff...I tried Avene but it makes things worse...
  7. I have a question related to 4% BP...I started using it 3 months ago, I got cleared almost completely... should I continue to use it on my face even there is no active pimples on? I was thinking of regulary put it on for couple of minutes after face wash? should be ok?
  8. I am using BP 4% about one week, I used it on whole face, but now I got only few active pimples, other side of face is covered only with redness and scars. Do I need to put BP on whole face or just on pimples? Beacuse I figured out it dry my skin a lot. Suggestions please, this is my photo? I really need advice...what would you do on my place? Thanks http://www.slichke.com/viewer.php?id=opt1205429789t.JPG
  9. thanks people! I was trying to find some electric razor, but I can't decide wich one to take? There is a bunch of models in stores, heard that Braun is the best? I can admit that shaving is my nightmare and I need a two hours for my skin to relax after shaving. Nightmare. I would really appriciate any recomendation
  10. First of all I wan't to say hello to everybody! I am new here and I am from Croatia. I am 25 years old, acne problem since 21, in first two years It was terrible but now it's much more better, but breakouts are still problem. My face is full of scars, but I never went to cosmetic or something to clean them up. Always used mild soap to clean face then put some alcohol to kill bacterias. And that worked fine, every breakout was controlable but my face was constantly oiled and shiny, I suppose fro